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It would be nice for an update to this game, I like the other games too, but I really like this game, it makes me relax to sit back and launch some Angry Birds. wow lol

Love it! Soo addictive. I wish Rovio would make more Angry Birds games similar to the original, Seasons and Rio! Pretty good

Rovio should release Fruit Nibblers 2 next year. Also, they can make Angry Birds 3, a Love Rocks sequel, and even a videogame based on the KCAs nominated TV series The Loud House. Works great

Very challenging. Makes you think hard about angle and projective directions of slung birds! Must have

Well.... I had been playing angry birds for years now and suddenly I got to know that most seasons were locked and you have to purchase em. But because of that I was heartbroken cause all my favorite seasons were locked.... except this flaw.... the game is amazing and the same old lovely angry birds we used to play Not bad

Add more scientics games. I mean the player composes some products to kill the pigs Works perfectly

4out of 5 only because on some levels it will crash at the end when it goes to give you 3stars, nothing helps. I just figured there isn't a next board or it's on purpose so you can't continue to get 3 stars on the episode.. I don't know but either way it's fun!! 5 stars on creativity too... So cute and entertaining Cool

I love the game its great I hope they make more different types of angry birds, the only thing is that can u make it easier to make money and have some gems mabey to spend on some cool costumes for the birds and can make it so we can vs each other but..... I love the game its great for on the go!! Pretty good

Angry Birds Seasons is still a winner! This app has provided many hours of good fun. It never crashes. The ads are not really distracting. Still love it! love it

Love it but my favorite levels are pig days. Why arent they made any new levels for it? The different ideas for each one were great. What happened? Well done!!

It's a good game to play when you're out of anything to play! Enjoy the game guys! Perfect

I like this game but very hard level please easy it to play and more levels Recommend

I do enjoy this app. Unfortunately it was deleted my accident could you please allow me to continue where I left off. Thank you. Amazing!

Its amazing i liked this game i didn't liked it..........................................I ❤ IT Worth it!

I'm a big fan since first play angry birds, the only complaint is lots of ads. Overall keep trying to improve, and I'll keep playing. Cool

Angry birds is the best android game I've been playing for many years !!!! I absolutely love it !!! Works perfectly

Classic problem. An app is working pretty fine, then the developers decide to mess around with it (they call it 'update') and end up breaking something that worked. The totally unnecessary update a few days ago now makes it freeze at start-up screen and I can no longer play it. Using Samsung Note 3. 5 star

Has a lot of glitches but I love this game! Please work out the glitches please please!!! Flawless

We need more levels to to advance forward in the game....I play most all the angry birds game. Right now I like angrybirds 2 Fantastic

Adds make the game slow and irritated You cannot play while the WiFi is turned ON due to the adds in between makes the game slow and stuck so best way is to tune off wifi. After few levels you need to wait for at least 10hours to unlock next. Not bad

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