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Get more seasons! I wish it had more updates like it used to in 2012. It's great when it finally gets a new season. Please get more of them through the year!

Get more seasons!! I wish it had more updates like it used to in 2012. It's great when it finally gets a new season. Please get more of them through the year!. Recommend to download Angry Birds Seasons APK.

Fun twist to the classic! This is a great tweak on the original formula, with seasonally-themed level sets and a (somewhat) steady stream of updates and upgrades to keep the gameplay nice and fresh. Update: Interstital advertisements are annoying. "Unlimited use" of Mighty Eagle is inconsistent, and will sometimes be unavailable after use.. Recommend to install Angry Birds Seasons APK.

#challenging-levels Simply Amazing!!! Angry Birds Seasons is jam packed with rich variety! Each season has many levels. They are each so unique as each "season" has different challenges relating to the weather, landscape, countries, holidays, so much variety all within one game! And the graphics are top notch! Each season is themed uniquely with amazing graphics. There are so many levels, you never get bored! Now another update has brought a whole new themed level.. Aztec. Its like getting a whole new game instead of part of a game! I can't believe so much can be put in one inexpensive game app! Once again, Angry Birds sets the bar even higher, putting other game apps to shame!

#version-of-angry-birds Best game! Best game for wherever you are. Always has fun levels waiting for you! Amazing graphics! Never have problems and it's an amazing game overall!

#physics-puzzle Never disappoints! Always fun even if you get ANGRY, because there are always 8 more things to switch to.....

Kids (5 year old) love this game, and are enjoying the music to each different season- especially March and the St. Patrick's Day theme. I enjoy playing it too!

Super fun Angry Birds game taking you through the seasons, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc. Love those birds, lots of challenging settings to make you crazy trying to get 3 stars on some of them.

Lots of fun for all ages and skill levels who enjoy puzzles and clever problem solving. Fun and challenging game

My 6 yr old grandson is who I got it for and he has had hours of fun with it. I would recommend Angry Birds Seasons.

I am so addicted to Star Wars Angry Birds that I can't put it down. This one is entertaining and just as challenging as the Star Wars version, but the sound effects aren't as fun.

I guess I'm hooked on Angry Birds! This has some challenging levels. This comes in right behind Rio in my opinion....

I like the fact that there are new levels to this. Some levels are easy, some are difficult, which reduces frustration!

My Angry Birds Seasons can't get the winter season for 2012!!! SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I CAN DO!!!! Someone please TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why the ads in paid version?! I for the most part enjoy angry birds all of them, I own everyone that they came up with up 2 star wars 2. It's bad enough to have ads when the game is paused, but when you have them come up between levels and during the game, that's hardly what I paid for. I bought them to get rid of the ads. I even have Bad Piggies, but until roivo can fix this I won't buy another of their games. I'll play the Free versions instead. What's the difference?

I can't believe how whiny people are! In this instant gratification world, are you really going to whine about having to wait one day to play a free game? You idiots! It's an advent calendar! You trolls are probably the morons that shank people at the wal Mart to get the Xbox on black Friday. Sometimes you have to wait for good things to come to you. It's a fact of life. No wonder the world is this f-d up. I have never been this disappointed in the human race than I have after reading these reviews.... morons!!!!

Love the new update! To those complaining about having to wait for the next level or pay for it....the Christmas season has always been 1 day at a time. They just added to pay for next level this season. Either way, love the game!! Keep up the good work!!

#social-network Great game! Whiners as others have stated, this is patterned after an advent ...! Great game! Whiners as others have stated, this is patterned after an advent calendar just like last year! Slow and choppy even on airplane mode. Graphics and game play not as good with previous A.B. Still fun, just disappointed.

Good! Liking angry birds new seasons. Those people complaining about not opening levels straight away are forgetting it's an ADVENT CALANDER your only supposed to open on the day been that way for all the seasons. Not had any freezing problems only thing is the adverts that cover screen meaning have to press back button to go back to game and usually have to refresh the game.

Happy till today.! It won't let me even click on any of the new levels. I just want to play my morning game:(

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