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What the hell? Usually the game loads no problem on my tablet, but now I can't even get it to open to the start screen so I can log in before it just closes. I cleaned out my cache, I cleaned the web page history, rebooted my tablet three times, uninstalled and reinstalled the app four times, and it's still is doing the same thing. Worth it!

Well as of right now, I am trying to play it on my brand new Moto Z2 Force android phone and it keeps kicking me out of the menu screen and putting me back in my phone's home screen, so I'd work on that if I were you guys. It was working for a while there , but then my phone updated it's self and now it doesn't work anymore, the app won't let me play any of the levels, it just immediately puts me back at my home screen everytime Go well

first i played angry birds 2 and it annoyed me because of its 2 parts in one level. Then i started playing season and i am liking it so much Well done!!

Hey Rovio I have a bad feeling that you guys are not working very hard on this game has I expect. It is very unfortunate of you guys were done updating this game forever. I also notice that you guys have already shut down two games from Rovio such as Angry Birds Stella and Angry Birds Fight! If you guys are done updating this game forever you might have no choice to remove this game forever. I'm very sad that this games have to come to a end for no reason what so ever. Marvelous

It's kind of sad how you make people watch all of your commercials. Good thing I can walk away and come back then they are finished. Worth it!

It's broken. If you successfully complete a daily quest level, it shouldn't take a life away. It's almost as bad as click bait ad-cash grabs. Gaming has got to change. Perfect

What happened to the game of Seasons with the last level. Cannot even complete a level without adds poping up and stopping my game in the middle. Must start over. Never before very last 2016 level added. Please fix wow lol

Sucks that you have to pay for levels... but at least there's the coin thing you can earn. Still love Angry Birds Perfect

I like the game but the animation has to be improved because the old style for the pigs and half and Matilda is kinda bad. If you can improve this then thank you Works great

Is there Angry birds seasons for the Year 2017? I looked to see if there is an update but there isn't and my Angry birds seasons gos to 2016...?? Flawless

Need summer theme with camping swim parks n vacay (bears pirates in pool featuring real spots caverns parks swim parks,go cart scenes with school teachers as final boss pig)plus kid parks with bully scenes maybe fair circus levels and Christmas theme and tgiving theme together Perfect!

The game is a lot of fun. The biggest problem is the constant ads. I will go out of my way to never watch that stupid show about the LA Rams after having seen the commercial for the 400th time. Great!

Would be perfect except, unlike prior version, ads slow game play far too much. Game will stall, processor heat up, and battery drain as more ads load up in cache. Terrible performance but tolerate it, barely, as game is much fun. Cool

Birds always was and always will be the best thinking persons game out there. The fun and competition are great.. nothing I rather game. Played hundreds of games. $ome pricy to but Angry Birds is the best! Also the physics of kinetic energy, the theory of gravity, all the science of objects affecting objects translate so accurately in angry birds. Very cool. Can't say enough about how well the code and programming turn all this info such fun. Hope im alive to see a new generation of similar game. Great!

It's an excellent game but it keeps kicking me out in the middle of games. It's really annoying. Please fix it its an awesome game and It would be sad if I had to delete it Surprisingly

I would have rated it 5 but nothing new has happened for months. I have completed all levels and now im stuck waiting.... Amazing!

I've worked on two episodes so far. Will there be any more updates? Or is Ragnahog considered the last one? I've looked at some of the levels. But I have not played them. Will there be any more Pig Days as well? For 2017? Awesome

These games are sooo fun! I love all the "classic" style angry birds games! Hope you guys plan on making more Omg

Game is pretty top notch, but my problem is those exploding boxes turn into flukes sometime. They leave the screen and roll away and can't be used so you waste the power up. Worth a go!

Great game!I love how some levels are easy,some hard,and some fun.I also love the graphics!The blocks look pretty real,and do so most of the birds.(MOST of them)So,what I'm trying to say is that this is a really good game. Cool

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