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Adds make the game slow and irritated You cannot play while the WiFi is turned ON due to the adds in between makes the game slow and stuck so best way is to tune off wifi. After few levels you need to wait for at least 10hours to unlock next. Perfect!

D.Bass Amazing!

D.Bass Fantastic

Love this game! Best entertainment! Playing Angry Birds Seasons makes the time go by unnoticed; it's so much fun to blast those nasty piggies in tons of challenging and well designed levels; keeps me coming back for more! wow lol

D.Bass Highly Recommend.

D.Bass Brilliant

D.Bass Brilliant

Love Angry Birds Seasons but will not share or like on FB to do anything.It has improved a lot. Enjoy this Dec 2016 update.Problem with quests however- there are never videos available- very annoying Highly Recommend.

D.Bass 5 star

My favorite so far Enjoy how things keep changing and its not the same old boring thing and its always exciting to see what's next. Marvelous

D.Bass Worth it!

D.Bass Surprisingly

D.Bass Perfect!

D.Bass Go well

D.Bass Go well

Remove the phone permission, anal pore, and remove the need for internet connection. You've wrecked a great game. 5 star

D.Bass Just wow

D.Bass Flawless

D.Bass Fabulous!

D.Bass Must have

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