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Love the games, but we haven't had any seasons in two years. Especially disappointed that there were no Christmas seasons! Unless you're planning to bring the "seasons" in the title of the game, is suggest a new name. This coming from an eight year player, who's played EVERY irradiation off the Angry Bird universe. Please bring the SEASONS back!!!!!!! Good

Always loved the game. Please please listen to your supporters though. I get you need ads.. You DONT need ads with volume...! I can't play this quietly when my wife/baby are sleeping next to me. I'll ignore your required ads quite happily as a trade off for a good game.. overriding my settings to advertise some other game at full volume makes me hate you.. unnecessary.. upsets my baby. Makes me upset. Perfect

Latest version freezes all the time. Happens on my Samsung Note 8, Samsung Tab A and my wife's Lenovo tablet. Sometimes will unfreeze after 30 seconds, other times forced close necessary. Used to work fine. Awesome

I love angry birds ( seasons most of all) but when I got my new phone nothing that I had paid for transfered to my new phone why is that? I wont keep paying over and over again doesn't seem quite fair. And pig days you all have made it impossible to win unless you buy. I had every season done since it first came out 3 stars on all levels, and now I have to do it all again...l have had these types of problems before with all angry birds not waiting till everything falls before it adds your score. fix it. Great job

Very fun and challenging, but getting stale without any new updates! Looking forward to a new Advent episode to carry on to The tradition in the Spirit of Christmas , the Advent brings all the members together! I'm a member of Angry Birds Nest and Seasons is great for competition, we need new episodes to keep the fun alive! Great!

I LOVE angry birds. But a problem I'm noticing with all of the games is...TOO MANY ADDS! and God forbid you turn on airplane mode to avoid them, the games will either not work at all or malfunction to the point where you can't use them. ITS INFURIATING!!!!! Highly Recommend.

What happened to the other levels I used to play as a kid like the tree house or forest one, or the birthday levels? Could you guys please bring those back and add cooler levels like the one where the pigs come back as zombie pigs. Or the dell versions of those levels because those were what made me keep coming back Flawless

Love the game and don't mind the ads, but when the Final Fantasy XV ad comes on, it will not let you click out when the ad is over. Just keeps taking me to the play store. It's almost forcing you to get the game on the ad. When I click on the X to go back to the game, it will not let me. Awesome

Great game just like the others in the series. I've been trying to find the golden eggs in some of the games but they're not all visible. How are you supposed to shoot for them if you can't see them? Cool

Most of the time, the game just shuts down nowadays. I haven't been able to play this game most of the time and looking at the reviews, I'm not the only one. This game needs an update. Also, when or if you make an update, can you please put some of the costumes back on sale that you can't get for the side quests for certain amount of coins. It's not really fair for those such as myself that weren't around when they were on sale. Also, just another suggestion when or if you make an update, you could possibly make costumes for Terence's cousin, the shock bird, and the telebird. Just some suggestions and please update this soon! Edit: Game works now, but I wish that Rovio would make new updates for this like some that I had ideas of. If not, Angry Birds Seasons 2 coming out in the future? Amazing!

Have to start with device in airplane mode and then, after game has initialized, turn airplane mode off and reconnect. Have to connect so game can suck up ad bombardment, enabling coins to play further. Didn't used to be so restrictive but ad revenue obviously trumps user experience and game stability. Highly Recommend.

Great fun! But will not stay loaded automatically shuts off and goes back to home screen fix this please!!!!!!!!! Help really miss,being able to to play. It finally stayed on but all my coins and accomplishments were lost it started me back at square one what can you do to help me. Superb!

It's broken. If you successfully complete a daily quest level, it shouldn't take a life away. It's almost as bad as click bait ad-cash grabs. Gaming has got to change. Update: now it just constantly crashes Fabulous!

Been playing for 5 years, and I love this game. I have it nearly completed- then August 31st, 2017 rolls around. I open up the game, hit the play button, the loading screen appears, and it crashes. Please fix this. I want to play it again. Some many people have been having the same problem and what have you guys done? NOTHING. Your just working on new games and aren't caring about your older games. Fix. It. NOW. Brilliant

Was playing fine until Thursday, August 31, 2017, now it won't get past the loading screen before crashing to the home screen. It's now Monday, September 4, 2017, and no fix or patch has appeared. Many others are having this issue apparently, Rovio seems to be silent on this matter, it's not like they don't care about their older games, they just released new levels for the original Angry Birds. Flawless

Love the game but after working fine, it's suddenly started spontaneously closing immediately after loading on my tablet (Nexus 7). Did a new install on my phone to check it out & the same thing happened. Marvelous

Well as of until yesterday I thought angry birds seasons was the best game on the mobile market, but then again.. now there is a problem with the game not loading completely, there has not been any updates to cause the problem. I'm going to uninstalled it then reinstall, I'll keep you posted Cool

Love this game BUT I can't play it for some reason. It doesn't go past the title screen before closing the app. I've uninstalled and reinstalled with no change. I want to play please fix whatever went wrong Recommend

Was fine until it wiped everything I had completed in the game. Spent money to complete everything and now it's all gone and I'm not about to go thru all that again. Now it want even let me play the game...keeps reverting back to phone home screen. What's up with all that???? Not bad

Well it seems like I get close to finishing a the challenges it decides not to work on my phone anymore. Then I need to uninstall it and reinstall it. Then I loose all my coins, levels and any progress. it's almost like it done on purpose and it's BS this has happened to me three times now. I really think you should fix this problem Perfect!

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