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I love thes game iam so happy that they have angry berds rio i love it so much becus it was part of my child hod Perfect

It's a best time killer game...... It's nice but think sometimes it does cheating...... But it's good Muito bom!

It Takes Me to a different world,Kingdom of Rescue from Negativity,Boredness and Loneliness Go well

Been playing this game for years. Ive beat it b4 but keep downloading and playing. Me and my wife loved this game for years. Sounds corny but it has a special place in our hearts. Im about to beat it again now..... Later. love it

Wow nice good jaat Delhi and I have to go to the gym and then I will be there for you to be a good day at work and I have to go to the gym thanks bye Perfect

Very good and animated funny game.But I think if u update this game then it will be more enjoy to play.Thanks Fabulous!

I love it. But it doesnt work properly on my samsung J7 prime. Nd it just hangs.. all the other games nd apps work fine. Please fix it :( Awesome

Absofreakinglutely one of the most entertaining and challenging games I've EVER played!!! Did I forget ADDICTING?!? I cannon wait for the ABA meetings. Recommend

Amazing game but when monkeys we're laughing I am angry to much and the game name is also angry Works perfectly

I loved playing angry birds Rio Not bad

This is a excellent game. If you are bored ,then you should play this game and be enjoyful . Must have

I think it is a great game but the levels are harder and sometimes impossible to pass but it is a good game Great!

It was a game i used to play and beg to play on my parents phone i have decided to download it on my phone for memories Worth a go!

Love the game this is my second time playing but u now have the full screen ads and I hate them it interrupt s my play I understand why you have ads but the border ads would suit your purpose to.I am playing rio again because I love it and you have made some very awesome changes I must say I sooooooooo HAPPY to have the option to watch a ad and get 40 coins for it,I watch each time so I can buy power ups excellent idea. Muito bom!

A fun game totally undermined by the sheer volume of adverts which disrupt the game constantly. We get that the revenue to run these games comes from advertising but surely it shouldn't be allowed to ruin the experience of playing? Highly Recommend.

This game is superb .When i start playing then i am not able to stop bcoz this game is tooooooo amazing .l love it Enjoy it!

Superb game i love this game very much this is my favorite game very fun inside try this game this game this was really interesting and exciting to play Flawless

It's not addictive but you just enjoy playing, and its good quality, no ad in between unless for rewards or tips Brilliant

I love angry birds.. Is osm game and good fantastic angary like and game... Omg

I think that this game is superb. Every age person can play this and refresh himself or herself. I liked this game very much. From the time I have installed this game I can fell refresh all the time. Brilliant

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