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I really enjoy these games, wish there was more & wish we'd get more power up's some of them R to hard W/out being able to earn extra power ups, but love them just the same. love it

This is one of my favorite games. I've come in first place for 169 weeks. I'm also in the gold league. Glad I'm able to play as long as I want. Don't worry about time running out and coming back later. Like completing with friends. The changes you make in the games are amazing. Update now #1st. Place for 165 weeks. Look forward to playing each week. It allows me to play hard and move on to other things. Thank you angery birds. I'm 72 and in love with you. Movie is awesome. Great job

Not happy if you get 1st place you only get 150 coins now....should higher it so you can purchase more power ups. Over all, love it Omg

For some reason, I don't get the option to purchase the golden sling. It doesn't even appear in the list of sling shots. Pretty good

New update sucks. Goes to Ads while first shot is in the air. Losing any powerup purchased.and goes back to beginning. Terrible update. Please fix it. Marvelous

Great game, and able to be played fully without additional costs, which wins points. Great graphics and responsive game play. A previous review states that rewards for higher levels should increase proportionately... However, this would remove the element of skill required to play, as you could just throw extras at each level. I love it, just as it is! Worth it!

Games just keep getting better and better! Love having 2 or more tournaments a week. Brilliant

I'm changing my review because it seems like the creators have given up on making new original levels. Most of the time it is just repeated levels from previous tournaments. It is losing its excitement. Fabulous!

I loved this game to keep in touch with a few friends but please take those stupid Dignity ads off... They do not close and always end up missing up my game. I have to close the game out and start all over. Loosing many power ups and coins in this tedius game making it more frustrating than fun. Worth a go!

Love it. I'm in league 7. ABF let's me unwind before bed and beat my friends reminding them why I'm their hero. Not bad

Love challenging my family and friends on her. Only thing I think should be changed is more coins should be given out. Go well

Would be more fun if we didn't have to wait so long for one ticket to compete with other players.. Muito bom!

I'm just a beginner w the game/just getting used to it but I love it create more levels thanks. Superb!

Game fantastically addictive! I love the challenge of the tournament's Highly Recommend.

The game is challenging, if you think critically and have proficient finger skills. Flawless

UPDATE: After years of loving & playing this game & hard work ranking up very high in Angry Birds Friends as well as the one on one game, let alone the thousands of points accumulated to buy power ups, you have once again deleted all of my both games Recommend

I've played 319 around of angry birds friends and never stop or miss any of it...Gd jobs ♥ Perfect

I am only giving ABF a 3 right now. I have played ABF since the beginning of it's time. I feel as if the coin rewards are very slim in the higher leagues. I am a Diamond Star 4 and I feel as if the higher the level the higher the reward but, the rewards are all the same. When you work your way up you want to feel rewarded! If coin rewards increase in the higher levels so will my rating!!!!! Surprisingly

Fun trying to figure out each game using the birds for what they are meant for or how they can be used the best makes me want to keep trying to beat the best score... Don't like that it "costs" more for extras... Prices hike up for extra powers... Superb!

I am playing since lot of years. Never got ever bore. Best thing is replay unlimited to complete task. Weekly tournament. Time to time seasonal or periodical achievement tasks. Keeps always attached. Just No.1 Game. Awesome

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