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Look promising, macro enable? However opening xlsm tooks quite a long time. Popup dialog is not resizable and most of time overpass screen size, even on 6 inches screen phone. Range selection is a nightmare too. Fantastic

A tremendous effort, but it has a lot of bugs. When using the mouse, the menu select buttons don't work, but needs some curser cajoling to get the blue hover button to show. When not using the mouse, you can't select any text blocks, only one word. The proportions of the imported text don't fit the original Apache Open Office files, so text is bigger, making about 20% more pages. The file saving leaves the lock file unerased after the app is closed, like it's useless, because the file can still be edited. Great!

Enter key does not work, gkeyboard, so cannot edit! Found that the 10 key enter works for numbers. Don't use keyboard numbers with 10 key enter, it's ugly. Not bad

This app works but it does not have a docx format and since that's what is most widely used I am ha4dpressed to give more than 3 stars. I even did the ad free, paid version but still, sadly, no docx save option. So to andropen office I fart in your general direction and say.....NEE NEE NEE I say NEE NEE and I am a night of the multiplication table. Marvelous

This was exactly what I needed to turn my Chromebook into a real work computer. As far as I'm concerned this is the only viable word processing solution on Android. Thanks for porting this over! Perfect!

This is a useful app incase of corrections Ms office files that need immediate editing when ur finally presenting your work takes a second to use. Very effective Awesome

I have been using it for a while. This is by far on my top 3 and the one I use the most. If you have a small phone, well, get a bigger phone. I'm on a NOTE 8 and no, I don't use MS office. Not bad

Unbelievable!!!!! Thank you so much for your work!!!!!! So good to see an app that is the same as desktop!!!! Akikazu, thank you very much!!!! Fabulous!

The app is not associated with its file types by default. So, clicking a document does not bring up the app. Fabulous!

I only use spreadsheets on my tablet but it works well. I keep it on dropbox and it opens correctly on my pc running linux. Macros all work. Thank you. wow lol

This app is best but you remove Marathi language. Please insert Devanagari font options. Worth a go!

Very nostalgic reminds me of office 97. Works great and I would use it as my #1 if it supported more fonts and languages. Flawless

Working very well for me, especially with the DropBox access to documents. I'm a big user of LibreOffice on MacOS, Windows, and Linux, and love having this program on my Android tablet! I like that I can make use of custom fonts. However, the display of those fonts could be improved. Specifically, fonts that use OpenType tables to display Unicode characters should be better supported. Documents still edit fine, but don't look that good. :-( Better font support would merit 5 stars. Recommend

Sadly this app, the paid version, is determined to connect to an ad server! The use of one of the three standard adaway hosts files effectively cripples the app. A bit sad when you pay money and the dev still wants to grab more by connecting to an ad network. Otherwise the app is good, so if you don't care about some dodgy connection under the covers probably it is OK. Otherwise dev should be honest or stop the money grabbing. Sadly even after disabling the google tracking this app still won't work reliably (at the moment that means not at all) with ads blocked. I noticed you ported libreoffice and that seems to work OK with ads blocked, the two level invocation (under android ports) is not so pretty and for sure it is more suited to use when I have my mouse and keyboard attached but at least it is not intent on getting to the ad servers. As an aside, it is also impossible to install OpenOffice language packs with ad blocking enabled (the installer, which has just been downloaded from the network, thinks there is no network connection). Maybe it is not directly your use of ad servers but something in google play services but for sure this app needs ad access. Not bad

This really good Office Application, but it has really bad issues with control by my S-Pen stylus. Please add control preferences like XSDL app. Fantastic

Very good but pls and "docx" save options and let it be readable In terms of format to other office applications. Moreso I want times new roman be added to the font and lastly, the pdf loading and editing should be faster not leaving behind the quality and readability of the file Fabulous!

Has the best powerful tools and functionality. But half of the screen is covered with options and tools. Just copy pasted the desktop interface. Such interface works on big screens not on 5 inches. Learn from clean and sleek interface of WPS or MS Office. otherwise very powerful. Perfect

Again here.... As I said in the correspondent review, the Arabic pack language seem not to be working... it installs and all, the same as other languages, but when trying to enables it from the main app, it does not appear in the list of languages.... is there something I'm doing wrong or really it may be a malfunction of that pack?... all other features I've got to use are OK. Good application and nice job. Hope the particular resolved soon. Thank you PD: I'd like to mention that I can't enable the Arabic when interface is not in that same language, but I need to have interface in English or whatever language and have the possibility to write in Arabic WITH THE CORRRESPONDENT DICTIONARIES for corrections. Enjoy it!

Very good but pls let it be readable In terms of format to other office applications. Moreso I want times new roman be added to the font and lastly, the pdf loading and editing should be faster not leaving behind the quality and readability of the file Fabulous!

It looks like a great copy of open office on PC. But useless on my phone as its too cluttered. Cant see what i am writing. Enjoy it!

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