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Good theme but need Arcus support just like you the light version, especially yellow/amber color. Then definitely a five star Perfect

good work finally I got the dark theme, > visible all fonts clearly. > small size. > no bugs > just like it. my default theme. good luck. Brilliant

Seems okay so far... There's certain things (text on background, background color, etc.) that are simply done BETTER on the Deep Darkness theme. But, this is okay so far. I guess it's as close to a Nougat ROM as my Galaxy S3 Triband will ever get, unless the folks at Team OctOS gets to bring the Oct-N love beyond the confines of the Nexus devices. Fabulous!

Pretty good first look Will have to look more into it but until now the only UI bug I found was the Stars' background in the play store doesn't match the store's background... Otherwise, sick theme! Cool

Ugly in some app It is nice for the system, but it change the color of some apps like Gmail, Inbox and Play Store, and it is ugly and in the Gmail is hard to see. Marvelous

Love the theme but.... On COS13.1.2. I get white popup when clicking the comments in Google+. Everything else is just the best! Fantastic

Pleas fix I G+: the popups have white backcolor and white forecolor; the suggested people have the same fore- and back color too Flawless

Awesome... But This theme is amazing. I would really like to see it with black instead of dark grey. By far one of the best themes I can find now, but if there was a black option it would be perfect. Worth it!

Not Change The Icons In CM12.1 Not Change Some Icons And Not Changed Icons Are Lollipop Icons Please Fix It And Give Next Update... Great job

Not dark enuff... I mean i really like this theme and dont want a complete black theme but would prefer a bit darker one from this. Perfect!

Overall, great theme... Dialer needs some TLC The audio drop down selection (Bluetooth, handset, speaker) while on a call is dark text on dark background. wow lol

Icons Whatsapp icon is sea blue. Every single icon is circular. Leave few apps atleast! Dont make it some chineese ui please! Worth a go!

No problems yet Only dark theme out there where every text stays readable. Still waiting for a theme that manages that with black background... Enjoy it!

Like it, but can you... Can you make the whatsapp get the dark theme to ?? Because if yes, it will be great theme.. love it

Such darkness much wow! Really good!! 5stars well deserved ! .. I would like to join your beta community if in case you have one xD Surprisingly

Like the overall theme, issues with text Sometimes text will not show up on white backgrounds and also dark text on dark backgrounds can be hard to see. Just wow

Google now problem Having black background with black letters in Google now, so that I can't read... Please fix Pretty good

Good but... Sometimes the notifications are both in dark colours on a dark background and difficult to read. Also the Google Inbox theme needs some work, it looks a bit haphazard and blocky at the moment, difficult to read also. Awesome

Text color issue from notification panel the theme is clean and yeah its cool. but i have found out that in the notification the text are black. kindly please look into it. and also in the g+ app, when do survey, color issue on progress bar. thanks. nice theme Marvelous

Fantastic but Sometimes its not visible to see some icons, texts bcoz of black text in the theme.. Plz fix this.. Brilliant

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