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Very useful for students who don't have time to transfer photos "manually" and want to have them on their laptops for quick access. I never have to worry about losing photos or having to stay on top of backing everything up. I'm so busy and this app is a huge help to me. I also like how photos are automatically organized. All I would like is better editing of photos so I can rotate and save over the original image. I would also like to put photos in albums and have them not appear with the rest of my photos, and just in albums to better sort my photos. Cool

I love this app. Great benefit for prime members . I accidentally deleted an album from my micro sd card and am so grateful that all those photos had been auto uploaded in Prime. It's like a guardian angel to me right now! Must have

The app stops uploading after some time (not sure after how long) it doesn't restart until resumed. That's the bad. Value for buck is good in comparison to Google drive. The upload speeds are also good. 800mb in like 20-30mins... On a decent internet line. Works great

I love Prime Photos! Auto upload is awesome. I wish I could upload pics in the albums they are already in, and I wish it didn't sometimes find inanimate objects as faces (LOL) but overall it's 'the bomb'. I like feeling safe that my photos are in a safe place! Fabulous!

I'm a big Prime fan and especially love how Amazon save these photos for us not only on their cloud, but allows us to have slideshows of them on TV using their Fire TV. I believe we have unlimited storage for photos but limited for videos with the option of buying more room. And I especially like that they organize them by date and make transferring them to a new cell phone an easy task. Enjoy it!

Samsung Galaxy S7. I like choices and I've figured it out easily enough. Like the notification of post years pics. Not bad

Probably one of the better cloud storage apps. Setting it up to save to the cloud across multiple platforms and devices is pretty simple. Also allows family album sharing now. Includes facial recognition software to group photos by who is in them. My preferred app for photos. Great job

I saw old pictures but I couldn't share them with my kids. I tried but unsuccessfully. Make it easier to share. Fantastic

I'm trading phones & this app made it easy to get all my pix & things from the phone to my laptop. Easy peasy. Worth it!

When you move photos to Folders that you create, they still show up in timeline of photos, so it makes it difficult to know what you've moved to Folders vs. what you haven't moved. I do a lot of music recordings/song clip, and the image may look the same. Standard Gallery on my Android even does this. Once you move the pic/video from "Camera" to "ABC Folder" it no lonfers shows up under "Camera", only under "ABC Folder". Omg

App needs a little learning how to use .For multi users at same account highly recommend to to log ff and log in on different unit using same account every time when upload photos .Only apply to users using same account on different OS platforms.Sinc seens to me not working properly just log off and log in works nice Marvelous

I have not tried all of the functions this app provides but I love the fact that I can save all my pictures and videos in one place automatically. I love this app. Good

Last year I LOST every single one of my Summer family photos bc I forgot to manually save them. Now with Amazon photos that's NEVER a worry with auto backup! Go well

Really like the album creating capabilities! Has come a long way since early days. Wish we can change background colors to save battery. Overall, a worthy adversary vs. Google Photo. wow lol

Yes it stores photos and videos. Sometimes a bit slow to put new photos on view after they have been uploaded. Must have

Nice to have a place to back up my photos. It definitely pays top have Amazon Prime...I use the services all the time. Thank u!! Not bad

It's nice. I mean, it's not Google Drive-nice. But it's fine. I would like to add sub-folders, or get the layout a bit customized with colours and fonts, maybe. Who knows?! Perhaps a Power Point version from Amazon, like Google has. What a shame I can't play videos I've uploaded that are more than 20 minutes long! Recommend

I love knowing that whatever happens to my electronic devices my photo memories are safe. I enjoy being able to pull them up on multiple devices when showing them to friends and family. One thing I would like to see added is a link in Snapfish or someone teaching me how to use it if it is already there ;). love it

I would like the app to have a larger video max or let me opt out and not upload any videos. Maybe Amazon could offer a service for videos and one for photos. Fantastic

I love that photos get uploaded automatically since I always delete them from my phone accidentally. Fabulous!

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