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I love hidden objects game that is why I love it. Omg

Game does not fit to screen. Fix it please

I usually love Big Fish games but this one needs work. Please fix asap.

#hidden-object Jamcbb! Great game has a few issues. Can't see secondary hint locations in most situations. Won't read all the taps when locating an item. Have to tap numerous times to get it to respond. Several times had to restart game for it to respond. Love the game, just needs some fixes. HTC EVO LTE.

Ok demo! Nice graphics but not as responsive as their other games. Menu is very small for a smart phone and more suited for a tablet. Full version is too pricey as are all of their games.. Recommend to get Amazon: Hidden Expedition APK.

#hidden-object Hmm! Granted I'm only at the 6th chapter but the hints suck I wish it would just show u where it is I use them as a last last resource but if it only showing the picture of what I know I need to find it's kinda useless. then the side games have no direction. The pinch in is very bury I'm on tablet so my view is kinda blurry. I wanted this game to be awesome cuz I check in with big fish from time to time to see what's new but I'm alil disappointed and I paid for the game.

HTC desire HD! Ok installed the game didn't know I had to buy full version. Should have been advertised better. But the two levels I played were good....

Love it!! Asus Transformer Prime Finally, a Hidden Expedition game for Android. Please develop more! Lots of fun to play :) Working great!

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