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Cute educational app! Just bought the full version & my 4yr old son hasn't had the chance to try it out yet, but he is very excited to try just from seeing the screen shots. I just had to post a response TO THOSE WHO ARE COMPLAINING TO THE APP DEVELOPERS & GIVING BAD REVIEWS ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN BEING ABLE TO BUY, APPARENTLY WITHOUT PERMISSION.**there is no way to do this. You must have had your payment info stored into Google Wallet** All that had to be done was click OK to purchase. ITS YOUR FAULT FOR NOT BEING MINDFUL ABOUT WHAT INFORMATION YOU SHARE & HOW IT'S USED. The developers have no control over purchasing & its ridiculous to make that assumption. Kids nowadays know alot more than they are given credit for. Was your wallet/card anywhere accessible? Not saying anyone's child DID do this, but it IS a consideration. They may not have thought it was "stealing" or doing something they shouldn't. Alot of kids don't realize a credit/debit card is linked to actual, real money much less the concept of money and what it is, how you get it or how to use it properly. MAYBE YOU SHOULD PUT PASSWORDS TO PROTECT THE ACCOUNT OR NOT SAVE IT FOR FUTURE USE TO THE WALLET???????

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