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It's very accurate and I hate it.. Damn tells the character u don't want to know... Amazing app Highly Recommend.

I think this app is amazing it's helpful and I love how it can tell ur characteristics. Works great

Only issue I found is palm reader/scanner gives problems. The first day I got it the scan worked but since then (when it gave 3 scans per day)... That's a crucial aspect of the app Perfect!

I'm very interested in what will go on in my life and if you are to... Then this is the app for you. Fantastic

This is a really good app if you want to get motivated , I really recommend this app Marvelous

I think one should try it and than u can understand how much true is this ..reallyy very very and very accurate Works great

I did not know that I am so daring that I will even jump off a cliff and grab a rope and swing on it Works perfectly

This app is really helpful and tells me how my personality really is, it tells me who i really am, i love this app a lot Enjoy it!

Super is telling the correct that happening in our life..totally i love this app wow lol

This app is the best. It tells me tips on my zodiac sign. I can show my friends and see what theirs is. Thx alpha zodiac Pretty good

It very interesting and very handy not to mention that you can try it on many people Good

Totally love this app. It simply helps you get a positive vibe. For a free app, the ads don't bother me at all. You can simply exit them at your own choosing by clicking the x or exit button. If ads do bother you, one has the option to go VIP but for a fee. After all, you have to get paid to get the best of everything. Great!

Good but I am suggesting one thing if you add little motivating things about there love life or educational things it been awesome app but still best horoscopes Worth it!

At least even if one did not believe in astrology , it helps by giving you an insight of you to either redress or buckle up . It's a nice app . Amazing!

Love this!!! Use this to live thr best life ever with endless possibilities. Though, taking action is the first step. Brilliant

Good positive charging capability and forecasting the best way to lead a healthy and happy life Well done!!

The ads are terrible!! Is there a version without ads? I would pay to not have loud and obnoxious pop up ads! Works perfectly

The app is good but the ads are out of control. They constantly pop up in front of other apps you're using even when the horoscope app isn't being used. Just wow

This app is great. It helps you know what you got to watch out for and what to expect. It also helps you find yourself. I love it... love it

Its isn't the that I am a Capricorn but I am not 13 but its ok people make mistakes and then you can learn from ur mistakes Worth a go!

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