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The best calculator app EVER, don't even use my stock one, plus you can have quick link in notification drop down, would be good if you could use it on your Smart Watch. Works great

Truly all I'm one, I'm an engineer by profession and in our country we use a mix of imperial and metric systems and this app comes in so handy, also it's beautifully designed and easy to use. Love it 5 star

This application is awesome easy to use and the things calculations are clearly mentioned in a systematic way there is calculator for Evey thing and it gives us all the information required Highly Recommend.

Just starting to use the app. Finding some very useful features . Wish the settings was defaulted to US measurements. Flawless

Does every possible calculation I need and plenty I don't but you can hide what you do not need. Perfect!

I absolutely love this app, after a fresh install or reset of phone, I always search this app out. The conversions are toany to list but I use many of them as a contractor, also customizable, I highly recommend this to everyone. Recommend

Simple to use,variety of features,easy to navigate,user friendly for elderly folks like me. Fabulous!

Awesome app but just too many aids, wud have given it the whole 5stars but the aid doesn't worth it Muito bom!

A very good app for the daily useful things.adds are little bit annoying overall good Marvelous

Brilliant! Easy to use. Very useful for anyone who needs answers having anything to do with numbers. Superb!

Amazing app really helps in day to day work helped me to a great extent 5 star

Ads arent really helpful when im trying to solve an equation with compound interest Amazing!

Perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. For some reason I don't know what else to say other than that. Lol. It's not a lame setup, it looks quite professional and yet anyone could use it, which is a really good thing IMHO. It has OPTIONS which I also love and think others will too. Anyways, good work on this one guys! Flawless

A good calculator, especially for its possibility to write entire formulas of numbers and it is working nicely and clearly. I would appreciate left and right arrow buttons (one step forward, one step backward ) that would make navigation in the calculator mode much easier Works great

It was a good calculator to use on a Chrombook. However, my answer are all in scientific notation. How do I get this out of this mode? Worth a go!

I am not paying for the pro version to remove ads. It's mainly because to support this developer who made this hands down best app for calculator that comes with awesome dark themes and most importantly KEYBOARD INTEGRATION that I tested on my BlackBerry KEYOne. Worth it!

I'd give 5 stars but unless I'm mistaken you're stuck in radians with no option for degrees which is a bit crippling for doing trig. Edit: welp it has that option, 5 it is. Perfect!

I think this app is useful for people that doing some sort of math assignment or something because it has all the skills in mathematics Must have

What I like about this app is simple easy quick conversions In a multitude of categories Surprisingly

I like this app alot, you can use the calculator in every way u need to use one and it's easy to access from anywhere in the app! I also really like the unit convertor feature, it's very helpful! Great job

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