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Fun but for some reason, every time I play a round the graphics get worse. Each round, the buildings get more pixelated until they are just squares. This happens with the guns too but not the aliens or player wow lol

Its a good game, but i think you should get infinite amount of lives because, if you lose all your lives you have to start from first level after all progress. So i still think its a good game. I also like that the aliens attack like the alien in predators vs aliens Well done!!

Lorenzo bray I only have one thing to say about the game why is it that you are only able to go sideways and not able to move around more. love it

I love it but whenever I enter the store, the game glitches uncontrollably and my gun is out of place. Otherwise, a very cute game and it is well done towards violence Must have

This game is amazing honestly. I love the game play the story and the journey to upgrade your character and unlock new wepons. It's a great time killer it's simple and challenging at the same time. When I was a young kid I was hooked in this game it was my first smart phone game when I first discovered smart phones. I looked hard to find and this game after a few years of loosing it and always remembered how much fun I had playing. It's a must play at least once in life. I really wish they updated this game and add more to it after these years Superb!

Aliens You shoot aliens color green purple and brownish and some are fast and some are slow so you shoot them with different guns that you buy with the money you earn on each level and there is also on level 10 a giant alien. Just wow

This game is just fun. If you over think everything of this game such as the graphics and machanics then you will not enjoy this game. This a fun simple side scrolling shooter good for free time. Just wow

Bruh Really good game idea and gameplay but u should be awarded more money bc the enemies get stronger before you get stronger weapons, it should also have a difficulty setting (this just because I suck at this game) but a really good time consuming game. Flawless

Its a lot of fun but the graphics have been glitching lately! Like the guns and buildings and the shop becomes super pixelated an blurry. Try to fix it! Fabulous!

Its great But can you have one update that changes the area and add like new weapons and aliens also bosses it be cool thanks Great job

Wonderfully fun and simple game. I love the blue laser! I got to level 135. I would like to see a final level at some point but still this is a blast! Awesome

I played this game some years ago. Got good at it, then my battery died. I rate this game at 4 stars and a possible. Fun game!! Great job

Hard Really fun and hard do not run out of money or you have to use a melee weapon and its hard so bye a good melee weapon Flawless

Amazing I love this game! It's great and addictive, and I like how it becomes more of a challenge in the later levels. Highly Recommend.

Graphics get choppy sometimes, and it could use a more updated engine. There should be power up like running faster or something like 30% more damage type power ups. Learn something from Zombie Age 3! Works great

This game is a very fun game and i love it but.Need to be able to get extra men with 2000 points.its impossible to upgrade and get extra men that you will need. The game has no ending so we should be able to keep the diamonds.the aliens come right back alive when you bomb them anyway. Fabulous!

Excellent side scrolling, weapon levelling shooter. Pourquoi est-ce qu'il ny a pas de plusiers de joues comme ça? Muito bom!

Awesome game. Have downloaded many seperately times. Since last time, there aren't any bugs which is even better Good

This Is Kool....It gets harder n harder...And more fun. Love the lazer blue gun Highly Recommend.

Really awesome game. Am actually addicted to it at the moment. Been playing it for over a week and can't stop. Would really like to see a part 2 of this. Maybe some grenades, different scenery but same mood, other aliens, stuff like that but don't change the game play. √ Perfect

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