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Vah kiya baat hai. I love this amazing app This app will not make you asleep while learning the Hindi alphabet. I have seen many Hindi apps with very boring graphics very good to make you fall asleep if you are insomniac but very ineffective to make you learn something but this is not one of them. The learning environment inside the app is so colorful, bright and very encouraging. 5 stars.

It's amazing....but wer r the vowels? It's amazing trust love the voice n the bright colours n the animation. ....BUT WER R THE SWAR/ VOWELS???? PLS ADD THEM ALSO....then ppl won't go for any other app for hindi..

Wonderful App for Kids. This is most amazing app. My kid is continuously learn and play hindi varnamala with this app. Strongly recommended to all, who having Kid and want to learn Hindi Varnamala.

So radical -|m| So radical, innovative & fun way to get kids learn hindi varnamala. Amazing interactions.

Fantastic hindi alphabet app !! This is probably the best app for kids to learn Hindi alphabets. Highly engaging puzzle activity with beautiful graphics and excellent interactions. Must download if you want your kids to learn Hindi alphabets in the most innovative way. Keep up the good work !

Excellent App! 5 Stars! This is the most amazing app I have ever seen for teaching kids the Hindi alphabet! It's colourful, interactive and fun! Learning doesn't have to be boring anymore, through simple puzzles, beautiful graphics and positive reinforcements, this makes learning the alphabet an enjoyable and positive experience!

Great new alphabet learning app! This app is made with beautiful graphics and characters. It teaches the Hindi alphabet in a playful manner, while providing effective learning tools. Here's a colourful, new way to learn the Hindi alphabet! You and your kids will love it!

Awesome alphabet app This is an amazing way to learn the Hindi alphabet. Beautiful characters and amazing interactions.

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