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Last updates have some issues on xperia XA Ultra when selecting multiples items the upper bar with "deleting" "sharing" and "menu" disappear. On my xperia Z2 works fine Amazing!

Hi devs, just a heads up. Issues with interface bar whenever multiselecting on the latest update. Otherwise very happy with app. Pretty good

The app is great. But there are some issues in the latest update. First of all, the app icon is bad. I liked the yellow icon. The orange icon is looking horrible. And as mentioned in other reviews, the delete/share, etc icon is not visible when selecting multiple items. The option is there but has disappeared in the orange colour. These problems are in my Xperia XA1 Plus Just wow

New version have some problems. Cannot share multiple select. No pop up action - delete, share & edit for this new version. 5 star

When i select pic there nothing see on up, after upgraded, this happebd everytime plz repair it. Works perfectly

After the latest update, if i select multiple pictures to delete by holding longpress, i dont see any delete button above. Just one orange banner appears, within that banner their is supposed to be a delete button, as it was previously. But also if i try to hit the banner where the delete button was there previously i get a delete pop up. Means the delete button is hidden within that orange banner. Please have a look and resolve the issue. Thank you Worth a go!

Kindly add a features to refresh the entire storage, cuz some of the new photos clicked or downloaded does not shown on the album n after restarting the phone it appears. And i find it slower n unresponsive... Thank you. Fabulous!

Very nice app.... Sir new updation have some problem. I cant able to see share option delete option at the top of gallery now..... Plz correct it Perfect

There was problems in this new update Share and delete option not showin on top right corner Flawless

Unbeatable....visual media center! Fast, simple, without ads...really handy stuff. Love it ♥️ - especially, surfing on the closed home network space, picking movies, videos, photos from our server and casting it to :) Brilliant

The apps most important problem is we can't copy and paste. We have to move to another folder only rather copy to another folder.... Great job

After the recent update, all my pictures and videos were gone. It first started to show them blurred when I switched off my phone, they were all gone. What do I have to do now? Perfect!

I wish I can set the initial view, so I can view my folders at launch. There's a glitch on the app though, when I open a picture in full screen view, quality appears to be jagged (compressed) until after 10 seconds, it'll recover to clear quality. I'm not sure if this is due to the large picture collection (7000 pictures) in my gallery. Possibly cache issue? Awesome

After selection of images, can not see the delet, move options above. Mixed with backgroud colours. Fix the bug. Great!

In new update bug because my xperia xa ultra not shown the buttons of delete share and options in the main screen please solve it. Enjoy it!

Latest release have issue on multi delete option. While selecting photos and videos the button was not visible in top right corner. The new orange color overlap the those icons. I am using Xperia Xa1 plus with Android 7 platform. Please check and fix. Perfect

In latest update when i choose multiple photos then i can't find the option to share them or delete at the top of the app Perfect!

Plese fix the problem..while sele ting more no..of photo to delet there is delet icon and shre icon get it was unable to show ordiplay on screen while selected multiple picture and was happens after update latest version of application. Not bad

After latest update i am unable to see options for files after long pressing the pic or video. The icon strip is blank. Please do something. Fantastic

Previous version is better, please remove amazon photo and colour , previous icon and colour is better. Enjoy it!

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