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التطبيق فيه مشكلة لايعمل بصورة صحيحة Marvelous

مرحبا الموقع ممتاز أتمنى أن يتطور أكثر تحيتتنا Enjoy it!

Love to aldgdadai the voice of all iraqi people against corruption and want to make Iraq a best countery in the world thanks to you and keep moving to achieve development to fight for our love and great countery iraq Recommend

M. Al-Nader Good App..easy to use except the notifications function not good in case to stop otherwise good Cool

Dr. Lively on the minute update of the most natural channel. I love it. Thanks for all the staff. Superb!

روعه بارك. الله بجهود العاملين بهذا البرنامج Good

هنالك بطا وتقطع بالبث نحن بامريكا وشكرا لجمبع الكادر الله يوفقكم Muito bom!

تطبيق جيد لكن الاخبار العاجله لاتظهر مع الاخبار الرئيسيه Flawless

بس بي شوية مشكلة مال حلقات متقاطعة تنزلوهن Marvelous

No option to disable notifications!! I could not find any option to disable notifications! Are you forcing it on users?! Please add it. And buy the way there is a bug that keeps the device vibration for ever unless you dismiss the notification yourself..

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