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The UI is not as good as other apps like Amazon prime or Netflix. Please add features like dynamic update of home screen based on frequently watched and forward backward controls in the video player. I always have to to search for the show that I'm currently watching. It should show up on main screen. Thanks for good entertainment. Brilliant

Sometimes shows on hooq displays "we are experiencing some difficulties please try again later." But on the other side all other content displays no error. 5 star

Please add sport channel. Only 14 channel of sport. Where is star sport channel? This is not good. Plz more sport channel add eg. Simple Star sport1,2,3 not in HD Well done!!

Jai shri Ram please change app icon and add channel favorite button Very good quality play live tv. Jio tv ke jese Free rhega to airtel ke customers always happy. Thanks Worth it!

Too bad you removed Chromecast support. Would have been the best app of it was supported. Without Chromecast support, would rate it below jio TV and movie apps. Worth a go!

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After i complain you all add star channel but why not play on airtel tv any says install hotstar it's not fair plz upgrade otherwise i uninstall airtel tv. Thanks raj Great!

Really good app, but can have little improvement 1. Needs more English TV series 2. There is no option for forwarding or reversing the video by little time. Need that button in your UI Worth it!

I will gave 5 star if there was more cartoon channels, but there is only 3 cartoons channel.please add more cartoons channels than I will gave 5 star.otherwise it's best app for watching live tv or movies!!! Fabulous!

Nice it have all paid movies in free its great features It download option must be needed but all the star channels is not working even after downloading hotstar Good

Don't involve hotstar for watching live TV.You do it own we will watch all channels like Jio TV.. wow lol

Why it's( live tv)not working with the new update plz fix it its just amazing by the way .. way better to have a walking tv .. just plz fix the problem Superb!

App has improved a lot after regular updates. Currently using Airtel movies on Amazon fire TV stick which itself is a great experience. Would like to watch Airtel TV on fire TV stick even if it comes with subscription. Great job

nice app to stream on, but needs more of the channels. it lags in the buttons to controll foreward or backward movement of the show, as it still uses the old draging system. if improved on the two sections, it would become the best tv app. Great job

I have watched just 25 mins of live cricket match and my entire 1 GB validity of a day was over. The experience is good but it takes lots of mb to watched any things in these apps in compare with hotstar who takes very less amount of data for watching any shows or match. Flawless

Everything is good but all the Channel are not install please install all the channels as possible as fast especially Kannada channels And Star Sports Network. Perfect

After update live TV not running good... Though thanks to Airtel to give Free for Airtel postpaid users Rest very good and useful App Fantastic

Best TV, good experiance, Now this updated app is running without buffer & more channel added as Star. Thanks to Airtel!!! Must have

-Great app -But Plz change its icon to make it attractive -can you add MTV channel.. -all other things are perfect Omg

Now we can see all tv channel with this app also discovery and sci discovery ..It really great step by airtel. Worth it!

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