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Add resume play the last watch episode that I watched since every time I have to click on episode that I have to watch . Also make the play , fwd , bwd button on the middle of screen . Add subtitles too PS : it always play the 1st episode of show every time .... Perfect

Unable to see in screen cast of the English shows and movies ..... Also add resume play the last watch episode that I watched since every time I have to click on episode that I have to watch . PS : it always play the 1st episode of show every time .... Cool

It is amazing. Quality is Excellent Please Improve Picture Quality Latest Movies is not Available like ok Jaanu latest content are Available why Please Improve Contest Quality Sameone tv channel are not Available like Fox life & DD news Same movies are not Available like Ok Jaanu & Half girlfriend & Muder 2 & Fantastic

But some channels like sun tv ,sun music are not working which are the best channels in tamil Good

This is a nice app but the only problem is that I'm not getting dsport channel when there is India's match.sometimes the channel is present but sometimes not. Please solve it. Not bad

Dd sport channel ku daldo airtel tv par please tum tu sab kaminu hu match hune par dd sport ku cut kar dete hai Great job

This contains all the original web series. Only problem is that ,it doesn't have many TV channels. Otherwise it can compete with Jio tv Awesome

How to get Amazon prime membership already downloaded but still I didn't get Amazon prime membership Great!

So many channels Wow Just great Fabulous!

It use only for Airtel number and for log in to Airtel TV app u can give Airtel number if I give other number it ask Works great

Amazing app for free but admin removed some Tv shows without any prior info. Earlier when this app just started it was full of English Tv series but now they are deleting shows which they uploaded. I was in the middle of one and now I couldn't find it anywhere else. Just wow

Good app for shows program and live matches, but now I have disappointed because the DSports which was available before when the live match day i searching the channel it wasn't shown in the list, some tamil channels which already seen before are gone now. Please list all the channels available. Perfect!

Glad to see this app. Finally I can stop using JIO. Single issue: navigating through timeline has problem. Cannot jump by date. If you select a show and then press back, timeline is resetting. Please solve this issue. Worth it!

It's good, it has some good English TV shows, good collection of movies, but there is a lot of buffering even on 4g. That's definitely a bug. Hope the developers gonna fix the issue..................... Oh, I almost forgot, it has live TV also with popular Indian channels but with the same buffering issue.................... Overall a good app but there is a lot of room for improvement. Worth a go!

Some features should be added to improve user experience such as fast forward or backwark.Also support for subtitles should be there. The most annoying issue that I have been facing it is that app keeps on crashing randomly. It has crashed for around 15 times in the last 3 days Worth a go!

Can you guys please clarify my one small query? Although plan activated on my number is of 499 but I am unable to use 1 year free subscription of amazon prime! Why? Even I am not been able to see any option related to the same while accessing Airtel TV app also I've tried everything possible thing I.e. scrolled down in the app but unable to see any option of amazon prime! Clicked on every option but unable to see tha same. Fabulous!

Some of the channels are like ee tv and hbo i can't able to watch please upgrade those channels also if you update ee tv the more persons can install the app why so the programs are very popular. Finally it's a good app who don't have tv in his room... Thanks Surprisingly

Can't watch HD videos and live tvs without buffering, it's so annoying. I am using Airtel 4G and live in one of the most prominent places in Bangalore yet the network is so pathetic. I am giving 3 stars because i also use Sonyliv app to watch live cricket.. Sonyliv and Hotstar works perfect most of the time but Airtel's own app sucks. Too much buffering. If its a network problem then you guys should work on it bcoz i am using Airtel 4G only. Brilliant

I am totally happy now as Airtel is constantly trying to improve Airtel TV, they are adding more channels and now even supports Star Channel though redirecting it to hotstar but still appreciatable. Plz add more channels to give tough competition to Jio TV. Thank You - Airtel Fanboy Well done!!

Why the live streaming of pl matches in star sports select hd network always shows a black screen? I can't watch for that and its very irritating. I want to see the pl matches so plz fix it soon and add the channels that are not there. Also live streaming of matches needs improvement as it halts often due to buffering. Thank you.                                          - Arnab Worth it!

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