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I have the bezel less screen, and it doesn't provide the option to view full screen being 2018. It would be perfect if it was full screen. I had the above issue and it was solved. Thank you team Airtel, Love the new look Cool

You just updated star plus but we can't watch live because of hotstar and hotstar is saying to watch live get the prime membership. What the hell plz improve it if you want to get good response from users. Fabulous!

I've been using this app for a couple of weeks. This is undoubtedly a very good app which provides a wide range of series and movies to watch. But for the past 2 days I'm facing problems in using this. When I'm watching an episode of a series, the video keeps fluttering. It is really too disturbing and I don't know why it is this way. It would be great if you guys fixed this ASAP Works great

Not able to the Amazon prime membership banner even though I'm eligible for the membership. Would like to receive response from the team to resolve this. Fabulous!

Its low quality option doesn't work. Even i did setting in low quality mode, it shows videos in HD quality which leads to consumption of my 1.4 GB data very early. Plzz fix that thing. Enjoy it!

Please allow to download movies, if not all whichever has less legal hassles, like how jio allows to download, sorry! And search needs to be a lot more refined, please. Omg

New update has a bug!!! I have a strong connection but when I am playing a show, it's loading and then it's show retry. So I uninstalled it then I install again. But it appears again. Plz fix this problem. I miss tv shows. Flawless

Only good for streaming live TV. No latest Hollywood movies and there is no plenty of movies plus you'll need to subscribe in order to use this app however subscription is free Awesome

This app is all good and provided many shows and channels with exotic videos of other apps also. It provided me with 1 GB of data also Go well

New update is amazing! Previously, I couldn't see the episode which I left before. But the new video player and easy UI made it! Should make a few more improvements... Marvelous

Excellent app by Airtel for live streaming channels and movies. Speed is also decent in 4g. Thanks for making it free till June 2018, as I have read somewhere. After that period, kindly keep it affordable. Thanks. Well done!!

Its bad when i decrease the quality of vedio like alt balaji its not decreases its again play auto mode Great job

Very bad app Buffering in live tv channels Airtel/any operator internet (Jio tv app is very good Live tv watching very good no buffering) Perfect!

In this update rewinding difficulty is removed but buffering is not as stable as it was in previous version at low speed of 80-120 kbps wow lol

Please do some load testing at the time at the time when people watching favourite shows like TMKMOC on Sab that time channel is not working. Great job

I loved this app, we don't have any need to install so many apps. This one is enough. Well done!!

There is a issue in latest update. There is showing a gray bar displaying "Airtel TV" all the time. Please fix it. Amazing!

Was good but after updating its working very slow and one scene is repeated and some part skips in that time Awesome

This is a very helpful app while we r travelling. It's just like a small TV. Very helpful loved this app Worth a go!

Hey, you can add Picture in picture mode compatibility and split screen mode in this app so that it will be more easier to watch TV while doing our work in other app or in other parts of phone. Also it buffers a lot in LIVE TV even if streaming with 50 mbps net speed. Kindly have a look and try to add English movie channels like star movies, mnx, movies now, Sony pix along with their HD Channels. It will be a plus point to your list of improvements. Also allow fast forward and backward options in player to seek for 30 secs after or before of the content. These all things are not there in JIO TV APP till now. You can pace up in this section and improve fast or else JIO TV may overtake you very soon. Superb!

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