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The attachment and please suggest me the details of your game and do a little while and please revert with the Buyer to bata Gurgaon as a result Must have

Super Mario Dandi I have wakeup call to use compact and stylish look to use compact camera on thea and your kid.may god I have a society Cool

It is a fantastic shooting game with good graphics. The first of its kind. To cut it short, it is a wonderful game I ever played. Thanks for developing it. Perfect!

After unstalling 10 games ...finally im playing this.....a good game but game play has to be increased....but a good 1 Not bad

This game was Fan-Tastic until I purchased a Gatling gun. The zoom level was not working properly and the sites would not line up with the Target in the farthest left field of view. If this problem gets fixed I would give this game 5 stars. Awesome

sir/mam please tell me I have tried many times to unlock the weapon but he is not sharing now tell me how do i share love it

بازی خوبیه ولی کنترل اسلحه موقع شلیک وزوم دوربینش نسبت به بازی هیچه به دردنخوره 5 star

I like the game wish that you can earn money quicker though so you can get better guns but other than that the game is nice Perfect!

This was a nice experience. From loading screen to final Victory sign, you have done a grear job. Please, avoid any Flat Soul-less minimal design in any update. And please, give an option to skip the Tutorial, or at least, stop the letter-by-letter typing of Tutorial Message; our Reading Speed is 1000 times faster in this age of hypermedia. Well done; keep it up. Recommend

Love this game graphics are great being in the marines as a sniper just love being like in the field again sempi fi Just wow

Its a amazing game and its help for your brain sharp ad make your concentration best Not bad

Its a good game but problem in this game is tht there no chence to upgrade the missiel Good

not right now with a lot of work and recovering..checc the star amount for a challenge and task.. Great job

I think you need a reload button to reload when u see fit a better ability to zoom in and honestly a better weapon to stArt but I guess you guys just about the money Enjoy it!

Good one ,difficult in zoom & other control. Change location, change firing range Worth it!

This is very amazing game.But there are only limited levels and limited energy,but it's very attractive Well done!!

Accuracy isn't the best. Overall experience is ok, but missions are too short for me. Marvelous

Gamed spouled by too many ads..kindly reduce ads and definetly player will enjoy the game.. Marvelous

It's not a bad game. Just take a moment to to get used to shooting from a helicopter. The train scenario could use more RPGs to help destroy the train or make them more powerful. Great job

Some guys dont go down after you pump a full clip into them. Levels are ultra short. Its frustrating how little playtime you get. wow lol

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