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Liked the different puzzles and games This one was a little weird and graphics were not the best. Had several issues with game freezing and needed to restart. Recommend

NOT 100% PERFECT BUT NOT FAR OFF..... And, in my opinion, still deserves 5 ✴'s. I really enjoyed playing this game once I got the gist of it. A couple of minor blips. The map was a little bit close to the hint button. The final puzzle in the bonus game kept crashing on the 3rd part. Sometimes the actions seemed to run in slow motion whereas the sound was normal. The good parts far outweighed the blips. I loved the h.o.p's with the different variations, the originality of the majority of the mini games and the storyline was extremely good. Omg

Unusual but interesting! Had no problems with the game. It was a different game than normal but I enjoyed it. I wish the characters moved their mouths though. The game felt a little old but I think it's because the game's artwork itself is different. I would buy a sequel. **I tried all those extra trial games and they all looked good! Something to look forward to although I wish they were available now!** 5 star

Disappointed Graphics were not up to par of the other big fish games. Some items could not move to solve the puzzles. Alot of the font was hard to read had to skip letters that needed to be read. Well done!!

Game Invasion? I'm baffled. We had a sudden abundance of Big Fish games, many "unreleased" or "place holders" - unavailable. Hmm. Error? Who knows. I downloaded this game as well as Dance Adagio - Deadly Deception. This one had no introduction or explanation at first, after uninstall and reinstall it had a storyline. The artwork had me reaching for my glasses and a magnifying glass. The subject matter was dizzying (in my already dizzy life). I put it aside for later and started Dance Adagio. When I tried to purchase it - it was "not available for purchase". The third screen turned off my computer. Ah, that must be why it's not "available". Then I found that it had been removed from the app store (understandably). But for future reference, it looks like a great game. All this leaves me to wonder what's going on at Big Fish - though I have faith in their competence. 7/10/2016 Great!

Really like this game Really enjoying this game, like the different types of HOG and a great story line. Don't think it's too short - seems about standard length to me. Just wow

Ok... Slightly frustrating, very small writing and the map is way too close to the hint button. I also find that I have to tap the map several times to get it. I've played much better. Pretty good

Good game Works fine on my tablet, with the exception of one glitch in a side game. Good puzzles (challenging, but mostly solvable) . Get this one. Well done!!

Great game HOG variety without overload, challenging puzzles, travel map, bonus chapter and a great story line. Very well put together. Muito bom!

Different Smashing, it's different from the rest in many ways. Ingenious plot line and style. Spot on. Not bad

Slow start, but picks up This game is a little different from most BF games, but it sort of picks up as you go along. The mini games are challenging while the game itself is pretty intuitive. It grew on me. 5 star

Like the concept but it's touchy in some places then it lags in others. Not up to par like many other games all put out! Good

Mind invasion This series has been remarkable. This is definitely following the Bigfish scope. I played the beta and I tell you that you can really have a ball playing this game. Yes it has a lot of graphics but you will find that it brings the story to the full potential of this series. Great job everyone at Bigfish. Amazing!

Mind blowing Fantastic storyline, graphics aren't that great but well thought out overall excellent game well worth the money definitely would buy the follow up if there's any. Well recommended to get the full version Must have

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