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Age of darkness rating Excellent fun game i hope yall do more like this. I enjoy playing everyday and the game has amazing potential. Great game i wish endless was a little easier though wave 9 is impossible at least seems that way right now

Up and down I love it but at the same time dont. I am havinv some issues ar the moment i keep running out of gold and wood so the end up killing my castle

Lovely.. It is a nice game but whenever i play lucky wheel i almost got no gems from beginning n only one times i got gems that was only one gem so when will i get 5 or at list 10 gems n it will b more nice when you will send new update n apart from all these, this game is very interesting

Hard to win I've played my fair share of tower games and RPG game in my life. There is a difference between hard, and near impossible. This game doesn't allow for that many upgrades, unless you purchase more gems quickly. I understand the company who made this game, would like to make money off it, but after level six or seven and it's nearly almost impossible to win I'm not putting my money into it, if I have to do it this early in the game.

Good game The lucky wheel is a little too unfair though.....I have spun it 8 times and still haven't won even 1 advice is don't waste gems on the wheel of disfortune Great job

Its one of the best strategy game that I've played. Fabulous!

Online play is simple with hardly any wait times. Surprisingly

Battle game Can't gather quick enough, I'm not buying gems on every level. I might delete this game. So sad.

Close but no cigar It's ok. Nothing like building an army, exploring the terrain for resources, gathering supplies, and building a kingdom on a pc game. I guess this is the closest you'll get on a mobile device. Surprisingly

Recommended!!! Simple, easy to learn and very fun. The two player (play a friend) mode gets 6 stars because you can control each type of unit separately so it is different than the story mode. My son and I are having fun playing against each other. Definitely worth giving it a try!!! Fantastic

Hacker 8024 ninja uses extreme hacks,I'm just asking you to ban him, he had so many gold footmen that my phone was lagging like crazy!

Great game Would be nice if you could collect/build more than one thing at a time. Otherwise very addictive

Age of Darkness The only complaint about the game is that u can only click one thing at a time, but once you get use to it's one of the better games i've found 5 star

Great It is a fun game but it becomes too hard but other games from civil are also good

Awesome game. I love these kind of games. You should try it out too because it's balanced and fun.

Good game Good game overall, found it by looking up "battle panic" so it makes sense. When swarmed by enemies, it is impossible to get a foothold after losing all troops, fix this for 5 stars Amazing!

#multiplayer-mode Rating! I would give this game a 5 star rating because it is a fun game, but I am having issues with the free gems. When I share the game on facebook I never receive any gems. I can't stand that. And I am stuck on a level and can't move forward, I get boombarded with mega enemies, which frustrates me. I will go back on my facebook and remove all the posts and give a bad review for this game. I really thought I would enjoy the game. Please fix. Then I will give a 5 rating.

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