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It helps me retain battery power by letting me turn off all those energy draining apps Amazing!

Worked great until it didn't My LG G4 updated a few days ago and now this app stopped working for me. Is there a fix coming soon? wow lol

Very simple and does the work for you, just tap periodically and your device is cleaned love it

Have to say bye bye Have always used this app since the beginning of my Android phone life. Got a nexus 5 with marshmallow and this doesn't work for me anymore. Sad to have to uninstall.

Used to work Used to love this app, helps you control apps running in background to keep them from draining battery. Unfortunately it has stopped working and now only ever shows itself as the only app running even though I know this to be untrue, if it doesn't get fixed will uninstall app. This is true for my phone and my husband's as well.

Cory the hippie Awesome app! Best task killer out there! I've been using it for years and have no complaints. Thanks for an awesome app!

works well to save battery. Omg

Only task killer that kills preinstalled wificaller. Brilliant

Request: some type of timer to auto run this App. Just wow

Have to long press and force close each app individually. Dislike it

Quick speed burst A must have! If your phone gets a lil bogged down occasionally...just run this...and you're back to normal

Awesome. It does exactly what it is advertised to do. I wish mote developers were as efficient. Thank you, ATK

I said it before And I say it again. As soon as I download this app my phone starts acting up in a bad way. So I'm going to uninstall it again

Like a weed killer It clears out apps tunning after you have finished with them. Useful for performance and stability.

Sure could use a SYSTEM killer! Can't find any UI files, which should be OUR choice, NOT the company's! (ESP now that AT&T decided that we all need to have so many bloat apps like driving app, even if you don't have a CAR)

Works great, however..! Using it on xperia play r800x and lovin it. Awesome application but it just cannot stop SwiftKey keyboard application. Please fix this problem and you get 5 stars! This app hasn't been updated in nearly a year. Have you forgotten about your application?. Recommend to get Advanced Task Killer Froyo APK.

Task killer! Best app out there & I tried them all. Saves battery life that's a plus for me.. Recommend to get Advanced Task Killer Froyo APK.

Finally I really recomend this apps. this apps is very useful. i used many task killer but only this is excellent. I give 5 star for this apps.

#discover-apps I am new user think this helps!! I am very new to this service so I rely on all of you as I read all reviews and appreciate you doing so for the congealed girl I am currently. Just wondering is this app the same as lite? Should I have both? On that note is it best to only have one installed as far as this utility apps go? Well to do more than bug you all..I like your app :-)

Great task killer app! Not been able to find another task killer app just as good as this. It's just the best on the market and they don't make you get advertisements in any shape or form. Recommend to install Advanced Task Killer Froyo APK.

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