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Would rate 5 stars if the ads at the bottom of the screen didn't cover the color palette most of the time. Besides that I love it. Go well

This app is amazing! I have been hooked to it for weeks I even showed it to my family and they loved it! It's even better than recolor! Best coloring app ever! Muito bom!

I love this app it is so cool!!! I love it excpecually when I show it to my friends what my art looks like and I would definitely say u should get this app!!!! Worth it!

Love the colors. Many options. I always love to colr, since I was a child. Some of the pages have a lot of details, but the are beautifull. Love it. 5 star

Awesome! My friend got me obsessed with wolves and now I'm addicted to this game!!! ❤❤❤ Superb!

Loved it until so many ads are on bottom of screen you cannot even choose colors on bottom row now. Cure. Uninstalling. Great!

It's so relaxing and when ever your bored just grad your phone find the app and use it love it

Was wondering where all of my work has gone, just signed back in and all my work is missing, can you all please put all of my pages of work back into my account please many hours of work missing or let me know what happened to all of them please thank you! Is there a time limit on them before their deleted? It's been about a month ago since I last opened the app, would like to get them all back please was some pretty amazing work and details that when into those! Thanks let me know what happened with them! Or let the people know to not work on them with great details that they'll be deleted one day so take screen shots of their work if they work days on them and wish to see them again very odd that you wouldn't let the user of the app know about this issue after about a hundred hours or more work wile using the app, only to sign in and all their work is gone missing leaving the user to start all over again, not a very good app if your work comes up missing or the producer of the app resets your all of your hundreds of hours of work after a month, think the users have a right to know that their work will be lost, missing, or reset, be great to see all of my work back onto my app please so I can delete this comment and go back to my great review for the app! Pretty good

I think coloring is really fun and on the long bus rides home i can color, then when i get done or near done i have to get off. So i love this. Perfect!

Its very enjoyable, and the colors are spectacular. My only criticism is having to select colors with my fat finger and the space s are too small to select with my fat finger. Cool

I think this app is a great straes reliever and com's your neervs.I think one thing that can change is when you tap on a place then tap it again it disperse . Perfect

I wish the lines were a lot cleaner they're almost blurry when you zoom in and it fills the spot pretty sloppy looking. Sometimes clicking on certain colors didn't work either. Works great

Whenever I am almost done coloring, it exits out on me and I have to restart everything. Works great

I do like this app I really don't have any complaints yet and hopefully I won't have any later on but so far it's been okay Not bad

This color book is so relaxing and me and my wife color this book together she loves it Great job

The only problem that I have with this app is how the color bleeds I hope somebody fixes it soon it's really irritating to color and then what you just colored ends up in another section Cool

Its very good..i love it and it has so many different kinds and tones of colours the perfect app. Go well

Just to say this app is very slow, I don't know of its my device or the app, but it's very annoying. So if it's your app then please make it faster then I will give 5 stars. Go well

Decent amount and variety of pictures but not all free. Controls were a little difficult since partially covered by ads. A lot of variety in colors but not in tools. App has potential but not there yet. Perfect

This is so cool I love it the colors are so good but I don't like when I paint one thing the other thing paint to but its ok because I like it Worth it!

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