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Love the work to retouch or fix the shadow. But it always forced close, so disturbing. Whereas, I was rendering my photos after editing, and I have to re-edit it. Please fix all the bugs. Thank you Perfect

I absolutely love this app and use it to simplify my work flow when I'm on the go. The only suggestion I have is adding the ability to save presets (like in the desktop version) you create so you don't have to find an image and copy all of the settings on mobile. Other than that, it has every feature you need to get top quality work out of your mobile device. Awesome

Terrible naming system. When googling problems it's really difficult to get answers beccause there's so many Lightroom classic cc questions and answers out there and nothing uniquely identifying Lightroom cc. Superb!

Really good just one little problem why when im looking for the option DETAIL its not there in the menu?? Because if i need to use options like sharpening, noise reduction or colour noise reduction suppose to be in the option of detail but i cant see it in the menu? Or it comes when you get premium thanks Great!

Dissapointed to discover that there is No HDR support for my brand new Samsung S9. Or maybe an update for Android 8 is required to enable it? Great job

Works good on my Sony Xperia XZs. Just tested it out yesterday. Pretty cool to have my camera send it to my phone and then I'm able to edit it right there instead of waiting to transfer to my laptop. Well done!!

I have subscribed the premium version, pay monthly, but one quick question I don't understand, while set the "Sort by Custom order", how did you actually customize the sorted pics? did you hear me adobe, please just openly provide the quick answer here, I don't want you to ask me to send you an email or etc, since a lot of other customer must be got the same problem, only 1 sentence please, show me how, answer your customer, thank you. Amazing!

I love this app so much. The premium is only $5 a month synced a crossed all your mobile devices is pretty awesome! I just wish there was a way to get custom presets into the mobile app. Please add this feature Adobe!! Good

One of the issues that I'm really annoyed about is that LR lags and then crashes every now and then. For some reason, it doesn't save your edits during real-time development (unless you switch to another photo or go back to your albums list). So when the app crashes, you'll lose all your changes. Even when you're in the middle of editing a photo, and you switch to another app, say, you're on Instagram for a while. When you go back to LR, it loads as if you just opened the app and you can't continue editing from where you left off, cause your changes are lost. Please fix this. Brilliant

For free it offers a lot of useful features, I've only used it for an hour or so and I already get decent quality! You definitely need some experience of enhancing images to use this however! Perfect!

Very powerful app with a lot of options. But why is noise reduction and color noise reduction feauture is missing? Please add it. Thank you 5 star

love the features of this app .. I wish that on pro mode of lightroom camera have the capability of 1sec or 2sec shutter speed for more great long exposure shots .. overall it's a 5/5 Great!

Everything is good but I miss selective edits as my trial is expired. The recent updates says that Watermarks can be added during export but I cant find it anywhere. Works perfectly

03/01/3018. UPDATE. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS APP! My friends, family,and lovers HATE my phone because if I'm not giving my computer or laptop attention, my phone gets all my lovens! It just keeps getting better now with each update. Only thing I just can't wait until my phone hdr and LR hdr communicate, for whatever reason the application doesn't like my phone's HDR and cannot read it. MotoE4 Levono/Motorola... Mine was working fine until I updated it on August 14 2017. Now it constantly crashes. I hope it's working well for everyone else like the update claims. Muito bom!

After recent update ALL photos in any messenger conversation are being uploaded when the auto upload feature is enabled.. This seems to be a new bug introduced since uploads we're previously limited to the camera folders. Any messenger conversation with pictures is automatically upload to cloud even if you don't read or open the conversation. Can this please be fixed, I don't need to upload every picture from every conversation. Problem seems to be only with Pixel 2. Great!

Used lots of photo editors on android, and none come close to this. Fast, full of features, and easy to use, almost as good as the desktop version! 5 star

All-around great app but the iOS version has a "detail" section which is absent from the android counterpart Perfect!

Force closes while taking dng shot. Unable to import dng files. Rest all is good Great job

After erasing areas of selective adjustment and reverting changes and continuing erasing areas, removed parts of the previous adjustment appear even after reversing the erased areas. Brilliant

This app is great, and i can play many lighting for my photos, but i want asked where i can find for "detailed" i can't find it. Or it only on iphone?fyi, my smartphone is samsung android. Please add "detailed" on android too..thank Not bad

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