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This is great! I've only done 2 reports and was really helpful! May help my mom since she may have a severe issue. Put in symptons and all and gave a great report! Thank you! Worth it!

Great app! I had some severe symptoms and ada said I might have a food allergy and that I need to go and seek medical advice. I did and it turns out I have an allergy to eggs. Thank you to the people who made this app. Highly Recommend.

Very useful app. Not like google where anything you search says you have cancer Must have

It's honestly great, honest, fast and straight forward and it will list all of the POSSIBILITIES. Which is great. This is not a doctor but it can definitely help. Because sometimes we are not 100% honest with our doctors. And I feel like it's easier to be honest on an application like this! And it let's you know to seek medical advice which is also great! Thank you creators for a wonderful working application that helps lots of folks! Perfect!

Good-Amazing/clear/simple interface, if you don't understand a question it tells you what it means.Avilabe on alexa. Bad- takes loads of questions to find out what you have. This application is very clear/simple to use loads of questions but if you don't understand a question, it can make the question clear to understand. Word with Amazon Alexa. Fantastic

This app is helpful to people if they have symptoms but are sure if they should be adressed. Ada is also realistic and give you multiple explanations for your symptoms. Ada is easy to use, and considerate of your time. I think this app is extremely helpful when you don't have time or money to see a docter. Ada also gives diagnoses that are minor and major which I personally believe is very helpful. Ada can also track certain facts pertaining to your health such as hieght, weight, prescription drugs, if you're a smoker, if you have a history of high blood pressure and many other things. Ada is a app that can help you diagnose a friend and/or a family member ,which is very handy, Ada also tracks the persons medical history that I mentioned above. Ada also allows you to see common illnesses before a survey. It gives you information about the illness, it's risks, causes, diagnoses, and symptoms. Overall I think Ada is a app that anyone and everyone should use. Muito bom!

Go see a real doctor, get therapy, etc. This is a good helper app to see what you might have, but there might be more you aren't seeing. And there should be more symptoms available, some that are more vauge. Also, there should be more than just yes, no and I don't know. Pretty good

Great user friendly app, no fancy words and if you don't understand one of the questions it asks it can give you an explanation of what it means. Unlike WebMD or other websites, (that'll tell me it's cancer or a brain tumor Enjoy it!

I liked it a lot!!!!!.......I heard about it on my local news. What it told me about my symptoms and what might be causing them sound's right to me. I'm going to bring it to a doctor's attention to see if they agree, and what they think. Superb!

It is very helpful and saves me going to the doctors every time i am worried about my health. It is also free and it saves so much time. You can do the survey in 5 minutes and normally i have nothing to worry about i really recommend this app for every age. Works perfectly

Very cool.Informative, to the point information. I would happily use this anytime in the future as I have several health issues. Thank you for developing this for people like me! ✝ Recommend

Amazing. Gave me a general idea of what's wrong. Thank you for making this. Put my worries behind me. Perfect

It helped me figure out why i had my sore throat and told me to seek medical assistance right away I did and the diagnosis was correct to what the doctor told me... This is a very good app.. I recommend getting this app Well done!!

I love this app! I'm very paranoid, and this app allows me to check myself a lot. It has helped me identify that I need help, and it isn't just going to go away. It has also helped with more physical issues like vomiting and vertigo. I 100% recommend this app to anyone, I absolutely love it! Perfect!

I think it is an awesome way of finding out what is wrong with you and most of the time it is correct. I know it is just a robot but in a way it is kind and helpful to patients and saves a lot of time rather than having to visit the doctors which is never nice. Good

It is very help full if you don't have the time to see the doctors. Would recommend it 5 star

The app is pretty much useless for tracking symptoms. It doesn't send notifications to input the day's data-- so huge gaps appear. Why bother? Flawless

Quite helpful. Edit1: My only issue, which has become quite frustrating, is that I have to sign in each time I use the app. Please change this. Superb!

Its the best app its very helpful... it solved many of my doubts related to my disease.. thanks a lot for creating this app. It deserve 5 star rating. Surprisingly

Excellent app, extremely accurate and precise. Very helpful when a sickness bug or injury happens. To improve, it can say how to treat a situation eg. Bandages etc. Other than that, awesome and handy app. wow lol

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