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It is so amazing they should make it where you have to pay money to download this soooo coolllllll Flawless

Most of the effect doesn't have sound effect.. Please fix it.. I'll giving 5 star if you made it. Highly Recommend.

Worth it!

Worth a go!

Works perfectly

Muito bom!

It is better than fx guru because many of things are unlocked in fx guru we have to download all things but some effects are not present in this application like fx guru Works great

5 star



Worth a go!


Hi, please do something so that when video is run, not only effect but our face can also be seen........ after the effect Works perfectly

Its good .But not so much .It needs some upgrades . But its OK.You can try it in your home . Works perfectly

Thank you this realy Works every thing looks real i fooled my friends and think it real amazing app want more Works great

I think this app is great but I hit a bit of a snag and not sure why. It won't import my videos for some reason Just wow

Wow its the best editor app i have ever seen please make a new effect the effects are realistic its good!!!!!! Superb!

Its good, but I was about to jumpe in our house but the the if times you can use those effects is limited be- Highly Recommend.

It's a great app I love it developer .....and I think the free tokens are just and enough. I don't know why these guys are complaining about...Nice job with the app Enjoy it!

Nice app but why you take cash for 10000 tokens .. thise app gets money from me 3 tims 7.49 SAR . Why your app take it 3 times from my visa .? Awesome

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