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Awesome! Have suggestions though: 1. A module that allows for helicopter recruitment. Helicopters are the same as enemy helicopters. They attack enemie bases and units. 2: add a teleporter building / module. Allows for units with or without supplies to teleport long distances. Uses much batteries. 3: sniper tower. The same as a regular turret tower only as lower rate of fire an has much longer range. Hope these ideas were any good! Enjoy it!

One of the best mobile games I've played and yet one of the simplest to understand! Perfect!

Having trouble with level 44. There doesn't seem to be a way to build the turrents and bomb workshop/airport fast enough and maintain them before you're overwhelmed on both sides by the base and waves. wow lol

Came from the free version which sold me with the clean interface and great gameplay. wow lol

Great game but just wanted to say that level 109 is very tricky without the bomb workshop and airport unlocked. No way to build turrets and lasers fast enough to overcome the Gatling guns on the enemy base. Please fix! Pretty good

I just realized that it's called Achikaps not Archikaps. I'm probably getting blind. Omg

Towers behave inconsistently making it hard to understand what your situation is between levels. This is a major flaw, since you could get half way through a level before you realize that this time you need to power your buildings, or that you need ammunition, when you didn't need those things in the previous level. If once you learned about a system you needed to do them from then on it would be better. Or at least could have a better visual representation of the differences. Also you absolutely need a mine, a factory, and a farm and you can't build some of those if you don't have the resources that they produce, meaning there is this strange part at the beginning of each level where you need to count all available resources to make sure you can build them or you will just run out. It is inconsistent with the rest of the level where you can make slightly inefficient moves and be fine. Enemy difficulty spikes in a few places and feels unfair. The helicopters can be devastating and the defenders don't redistribute to compensate automatically. It feels unfair. Works great

Came here from Achicap original game. Love the building, fun way to pass time. Developer did nice job adding new pieces as your skills evolve Amazing!

AMAZING game for a rts&simulation nerd like me. I think its one of the most brilliantly designed game in Google Play. A masterpiece like that definetely needs multiplayer modes, singleplayer bores eventually. Great!

One of the best games on the Google Play Store! It still continues to be improved upon and it deserves all the 5-star reviews it keeps getting! Highly Recommend.

Amazing game, only 4 out of 5 stars because it desperately needs multiplayer option. Surprisingly

Yiotro is one of the best game developers I've seen and the way they make their games is absolutely fantastic! To thank them for 0 ads and 100% enjoyment I naturally had to put some of my money towards you guys. Great job! Omg

Error on 137-139 control panel turns black if you are using platform quick build. Will email the screenshot if I can replicate it Brilliant

as with everything this developer puts out this game offers fun and engaging gameplay with very little bs normally associated with mobile games. well done Muito bom!

What a fun game. I bought the full version because of how kind you were to not include ads or a pay to win in the trial. Highly recommended. Also don't worry you can upgrade at any time and your progress will transfer to the pro version Recommend

This right here is an example of an excellent development team. If you aren't working with others, then you are one hell of a developer. For a game that's honestly worth more than what's on the list price, this upgrade allows us to tip the developer(s) and help them out with certain development costs. Fantastic job, you're only rivaled by Mindustry, in my eyes. Highly Recommend.

I have a few suggestions (correction: MANY) that I want to email you. Great game so far! Glad to know most of my suggestions were looked at. Nice going with the enemy bases! Can't wait to see more! Also, a 4.9? Good job on getting that far! Edit: The game is somehow persistent after both a data and a reinstall. Superb job! Muito bom!

Supported the developer. Because he makes such simple yet awesome games. Thanks keep up the good work. Hope you don't abandon this game because I already recommended it to my friends. Hope to see more updates and more contents. 5 star

An absolutely fantastic game! What looks like a very simple game at face value is actually very complex and engaging. I bought the pro version because I enjoyed the free one so much. Thanks for a truly great game. Amazing!

I have a few suggestions (correction: MANY) that I want to email you. Great game so far! Glad to know most of my suggestions were looked at. Nice going with the enemy bases! Can't wait to see more! Also, a 4.9? Good job on getting that far! Edit: The game is now very laggy beyond being able to play it properly. Considering my phone is a powerhouse, can you possibly fix the framerate issue? Must have

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