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I love this app and if used it for years, but oddly enough when I recently upgraded to the paid version so I can have the night view I get pop-up ads all the time after modifying my appointments on the calendar, despite paying for it! I didn't have any ads when I had the free version. Fabulous!

Wish I could give more stars - 5 aren't enough. I'm yet to come across another calendar which is so perfect and 100% customizable to the user's heart's content. A big THANK YOU to the developer Great!

Won't go to portrait mode in widget after update makes it hard to use. Functionality is therefore much less than before. Works great

The view formats are so much better than the stock Samsung calendar or Google calendar. I'm trying it out for a while but likely to go for aCalendar+ . Would be brilliant if could also pick up Google reminders from the Google calendar as that would allow Google Keep reminders to remain effective when disabling Google Calendar notifications to avoid duplicate notifications. Reminders integrate with Inbox too so clearly being pushed over Google Tasks. Enjoy it!

This calendar is very user friendly and does everything I need it to do. It's very easy to use. Great job! Worth a go!

I love that its A LOT but getting used to it but it's not that hard so far! They give 10% which I love so much. Heart happier now but Dee really you can do dip much in still exploring !! I'm trying to get the whole share thing and giving to Coworkers but I'll get it, just another thing I love Fabulous!

I like the aCalendar much better then Google, as this one offers better clasification of reminders and repetitons. However I bought a new phone and I can't back up my data from old phone's aCalendar to a new one. Any idea how to do that? Thank you. Good

Been using it since my first smartphone and I'm always coming back to it. Apologies for taking so long to thank you for an intuitive, no nonsense, non intrusive and thoroughly usable and useful free app. After all these years I am now considering some of your paid additions and I am again so pleased to see how thoughtful you are: Providing separate options means that I can pay only for the things I need AND not clutter the app with stuff I have no use for. Appreciated! Perfect!

The defult widget is very ugly and only gives you one option unless you pay. Cant preview what you will pay for either so uninstalled. Brilliant

very good calendar, works better than samsung calendar, though would love a dark theme choice Fabulous!

Please make the widget back to how it was ! Loved being able to see the month task without opening the app! Muito bom!

I have this app on my phone and love it would like to have it on my Laptop also. it won't let me install it, My Laptop more than meets the requirements for the app. any of you have any ideas Thanks Judy Works great

Totally blows my last calendar app out of the water! Thank you for making my life easier to see in writing! 5 star

Great calendar. Easy to use and update. One serious problem is that contacts are arbitrarily deleted mysteriously without notice. Omg

After downloading a bunch of calendar apps to get a better comparison, this one was by far the best option! Kudos to the developers. Great!

Excellent calendar, once you get used to the navigation. Only missing feature is combining same entry in multiple calendars into one. Widgets are usable and scalable. I like that I can select groups of calendars in profiles. Marvelous

Have been aCalender+ for over 5 years now. Hands down, the best. It is always my go to organise my life. Themes are great, highly customisable. The addition of the long-awaited copy function was a life changer. Just wow

really pleased with this free, useful and reasonably ad-free app. Like the different formats. Very easy to use and gimmick free. Works perfectly

FINALLY!!! A calendar app that allows me to take a photo to attach to my reminders Fabulous!

Been using this app for 2 years and I love how you could set it up to show a default view -- month, week, day. Very flexible reminder scheme and repetitive schedule. Go well

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