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Recommend Works flawlessly. Drivers usually call me because they are never sure of my location though. Works perfectly

problem with the map refresh can't see the map any more i uninstalled the app and installed it again same problem need help please Fabulous!

Wonderful Update: had issues signing in and developers took care of it right away. Fabulous app! Original review:The app won't even let me register! It gives me an error message when I try to register my phone number. Just wow

Works perfectly Had problems with Android 6.0; was informed by the app developers to turn on location permissions. Now it works perfectly. Thanks for your prompt reply! Must have

App is great but Great app but they have stupid drivers who have no clue where to come. Even the address on thier mini screens

This application is good when you go out of your home,this app is amazing ☺

Now it says unable to register Earlier i waited for OTP. Now it says unable to register after filling out my name and number Cool

Does what it says - Simple! A great app and it works. Very simple to use and love the fact that two clicks and a taxi is booked.

Good, but Taxis can't use GPS, which is really frustrating sometimes... Also, taxi tracking is really really *slow*

Good app but .... Taxi drivers don't have GPS in their cars, so whats the point of having a location in the map, they always call for location and arrive way after the Estimated Arrival Time.

No advance booking option Sometime works good, however the driver always need to confirm back your location, furthermore you can not make advance booking, no option available to book your car on certain time to certain location, but still good so far

Please include gps feature in car... Outside abu dhabi city is too much complicated for driver' shahama,al falah...

Need improvement App should share customer location on taxi map to make it easier for taxi drivers to find us Go well

Not receiving OTP Downloaded and installed this app in my phone, but not able to complete first time registration process because even after entering my cell number, I'm not getting OTP.. Good

Just a name app ! Calling taxi easier than using this app ! just call 600535353 save time and save ur android storage .. wow lol

Service less than normal. I give this app 3 stars rating (as normal app & because nothing new). When taxi drivers don't receive the exact location, what is the meaning of this service. It is only now to save costs of dialing. I suggest to TranAD to open GPS for drivers, if not to offer saving 5 most popular locations to each passenger using GPS & send the location to drivers upon order. I suggest also one more service, If a woman was going to mall, why TranAD doesn't offer to pick the passenger from the last drop point by GPS. Not bad

A small enhancement is required ... I'm still receiving a confirmation SMS with the driver details even after I canceled the request while processing. A second SMS to confirm my cancelation will be enough. Perfect!

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