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My kid loves this app and also enjoys playing on my PC, however I purchased a subscription through Android and cannot use it on my PC. I'm guessing I should have purchased through PC instead of Android. Superb!

I is horrible I hate it so much and it's super dumb and I would just want to don't like it at all it is so horrible and I don't like it Well done!!

I don't have to download games no more Worth it!

I hate it please delete this right now all I wanted to do was play games but I can't do that now.I have this at my School but when I'm not at School I can't play it I hate this so much Fantastic

My friend's twins wanted to play the game but it wouldn't let them play it. So please fix it Flawless

Paid for the app for my son's tablet through Google Play. Store. It says it's paid for until next month. Before he can play a game it asks how the app was paid for. My son is only 5 yrs old. This is very inconvenient. Awesome

I love this because I'd played this in school ,home and every were I go and also the park like if you played this in school. Go well

So i got this app for my sister and she said to play a game so i did it it said something about buying a account. So i showed my mom and she said im not paying for that it should be free and now i have to my on my computer and my mom doesn't like it,even when i was making a account it wouldn't let me so can you please fix that. Great!

Its kinda hard because sometimes i press a game, press again a it would not work. Must have

I love this game and so does my little cousin it is a great way for her to learn more also since she'll be going into kindergarten next year. Go well

We love what your doing cause there learning and doing games so thats even funer Enjoy it!

I love this game but I'm ten and you are probably thinking wow that girl likes the app totally Well done!!

Every time my son opens the app the games don't load so I have to restart my phone for him to play. Frustrating and uninstalled. Recommend

U ppl are crazy i go to saint joeshp im go to that school and i go to cumputers bc im in first grade and i play abcya at school and it works so i dont no what to tell u Marvelous

The controls on some games are somehow strange but apart from that it amazing for kids 5 star

I love ABCya. My daughter has been using this at school since first grade and has loved it. I finally downloaded it for her to use at home using the free trial. This app has helped her so much this year in the third grade with multiplication, she loves the mining multiplication game! I will definitely be a monthly subscriber because my preschooler and toddler both can use this app too! Thanks so much for making learning fun again!! Worth it!

My daughter purchsed this app for her son but canr log into it on my phone. How can we cancel her subscription. Brilliant

It only let me play that only let me play ABC at once before it started messing up don't download the game because it won't let you play it because it won't let you play it for one day because it only let me play it for one day because it is a laggy game and when I went to go eat supper it it was still working Great job

I love it please reply but there's a problem I have a wonderful daughter she is my profile pick she is not normal so I thought this will work but please make more free games please please please please please! Highly Recommend.

It's ok but I'm trying to use my email and password to log in but it fails I keep making sure if it's the right one please fix this Worth it!

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