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Great for local news, weather alert and traffic alert that help me alot since I am a truck driver. Thanks Pretty good

I am a mother of 3 always on the go so i dont always have time to keep up with this news. With this app i am able to keep up with the news and filter the news I like and dont care! Good

The notifications I get have changed now I get a picture of the story, I'm on the run I don't always have time to stop and watch a video just make it a headline wow lol

Love my ABC news, all the crew. Always has been and always will be my go to broadcast. App keeps me updated too. Thanks to all Enjoy it!

I go to this app first daily as it is convenient to scan through various items to see what is going on in the world. I check four different Channel 7 ABCs nationwide. You are the best. Perfect!

Some weather locations are far from accurate weather. Look at Santa Clarita, CA (today shows temps 20-30 with snow) vs Wrightwood, CA (40-50's no snow). Those are backwards with what is currently happening... Great!

ABCNews is always spot on with their stories. I appreciate the instantaneous reports and the follow ups. THANK YOU ABC! You are appreciated 24/7. Perfect!

Good for local alerts. Scrolling news is slightly awkward though. Videos are slow to play. Overall I recommend. Well done!!

I wish the app would go back to the headlines rather than making me scroll back through everything I've looked at prior to get to the updated headlines Perfect!

Oh no! What happened the the Earthquake Cam? We just had a small jolt here in Redlands, I ran to my phone to check it out and it's not there, so I hurry over to my iPhone to see if its in the app and it's not on that app either? Please bring it back!!! Works perfectly

App is well thought of, and separates stories nicely. Might crash/ not open sometimes, but otherwise gets the job done Enjoy it!

Love the app and love the channel 7 news crew. Your eye in the sky with sky mapping is incredible! Thanks to J.T. the coverage speaks for itself. Update for you. Found out I can live stream news. RETIRED and still learning. LOVE LOVE Must have

Downloads quickly. No spam jumps in. News is current and articles are well written. Great!

Its outstanding that we get to watch the lastedon our ☎ 5 star

This app keeps me well inform when I am not able to sit and watch the news on T.V. It also send notifications when anything noteworthy happens. Awesome


Great for keeping up with breaking news and weather conditions for me. And if I want to watch Live's very convenient as well. Marvelous

Timely, informative and complete. Perfect for a quick review of top stories, with enough detail to inform. Enjoy it!

I love that it has my local weather forecast, and it is always accurate. I check the weather every morning. Amazing!

seems like LA ain't no better than NYC, so I'll just stay here in NYC. Works perfectly

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