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Was my go-to news app with great articles for years. In the past year, it has become almost unusable due to crashes, long load times and unresponsiveness. Please fix. Highly Recommend.

Keeps me in the know...been an ABC News watcher all my life...keep up the great work Ladies and Gentlemen Works perfectly

Thank you very much for making this app storage on my sd card. It is very much appreciated as it saves my phones internal resources. Enjoy it!

Great app to have for people on the go. Keep you informed of all the news updates...awesome app Worth it!

It keeps me up to date with what's going on in he U.S and throughout the world. It notifies me when stories break so I'm informed immediately. It's much better than just watching the news. Brilliant

I downloaded this for the Android Auto integration. It only has shown a progress wheel and doesn't open after multiple tries while other AA items still work fine. Perfect!

I've always been a fan of ABC NEWS. I'll be even be a bigger fan if I win the car! Seriously ABC is fantastic. Amazing!

I love it has more information about what is going on in the whole world and nation. When I missed looking at the news I can go to my app and read what is going on. Fabulous!

I love watching the video clips. I watch news on my cell. I stay informed. I get immediate updates. Worth it!

This has been one of the level grounds in these resent battles between the left, right, top, and bottom. I wish all of the other stations could learn to be fair and clear Perfect!

This is an awesome news app. Would love to see the news cards a little bigger. Keep updating. Fantastic

Great new design. But the only section that updates frequently is top stories. Needs more focus on other sections. Go well

ABC is my fav news channel, however, this app takes forever to load. Each article same thing. I should uninstall, but I hope against hope that it will fix at some point. Works perfectly

Reporting is A+, the app itself however is another thing. I can only read 3-4 articles (on a good day) before it crashes. More stable on Apple, much worse on Android. I'd like an app that I could read all the articles I want without repeated crashes. Flawless

Decent Objectivity afa being as Propagandized as any other. If you watch a video, be prepared to manually STOP the Playback, because the app will eat your data and show you VERY OLD video. Works perfectly

Favorite news app. Present news in priority and groupings that I like but it's poorly written from a performance standpoint. Runs very slow. Reloads whole page when portions would suffice Fabulous!

OF all the available news apes in the Play Store, ABC News is probably my favorite of all. Fantastic

Videos don't work, only the sound plays. App takes way too long to open and set up. Though it works, barely. Only thing its good for is the alerts Omg

I have an android tablet, your app continually crashes after using back arrow. Mostly during page refresh. Great!

Best news app I've tried. So easy to navigate and tons of options for following stories. Refreshes too often after returning to the home page but worth it for all it offers. love it

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