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My son is really learning his letters. ☺ This app is really good for beginners. Enjoy it!

Clear and interesting if the parents... use all cues to teach... I like it and so does my daughter love it

This app is outstanding. Great for learning letters and words that start them. Pictures are good. My kid loves it Perfect!

Great game to teach kids the alphabet... show identify and associate.. basic skills any kid needs Go well

This is so good. My child is quite bad at his ABCs and this game helps him alot .He also likes this game too!!Thank you for creating this game!!!! Just wow

Too bad paying for the ad removal doesn't actually remove ads. Can unlock the letters by playing, so apparently I just paid for nothing. The receipt says "all letters unlocked" but on the game it says pay to remove ads. Not happy. Well done!!

My baby sister loves to learn and she loves to learn the ABCs she can say the abc's and she is 2 years old and she loves the ABCs baby sister Omg

My boy enjoys this game wish he couldnt changed the language on it tho and was parent control if need changing. App is good Fantastic

My daughter and niece love this app very much. It is good to teach them comfortably with pictures Good

ABC My Daughter Love to Use this App she laugh and share with his brother thank alot Omg

Ads I purchased the letters thinking that the ads would go away after making any purchase. Surprisingly

Interesting Various methods of learning. My son like to learn English alphabet. Any child can be learn easily. Worth it!

My niece learnt alphabets using this Brilliant app, she is 2yrs 6month and she learnt alphabets and pictures, she even learnt to pronounce it. Must for all parents. Flawless

Bindesh prajapati Its very useful app to learn alphabet for my child.. it should be more attractive if some examples are easy to memorize like c , g etc.... Superb!

Super app My nephew is 3,now he can write some alphabets even though he never went to kindergarten.. Fantastic

Nice but boring When we install this game all alphabets are lock only a is unlocked. But nice for my daughter. Good

It really helped Its has really helped my daughter she now understands evrythng i give 100 percent ur gud

Ok, but changes would make it better. I disagree with some of the word choices for the letters... such as "cheese" which does start with c, but in fact it's the digraph ch that starts the word. Arrow is a r controlled blend at the beginning so you don't hear the typical "a" sound. Perhaps consult with a literacy teacher when developing updates for this game. That being said, my son loves the game.

My 2 year old son loves this and this app just made my day My son is 2 he talks a few words but with this app he has learnt so much it was really amazing when he said "aaoo" - thats arrow in his own language.

Haven't tried it with my tot yet, Explored it first. I understand the necessity of ads, but is there a way you can make them harder to access? For instance the press twice to exit or hold for three seconds on the "parents corner." All I had to do was tap it to get to a rather gory install page for a different game. If that popped up while my three year old was playing, I'm fairly certain it would scare her.

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