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Pretty good good music app with nice gui and features, it will be nice to add option to change the album art of song and able to change song inf. Plus option to change disc with album art on whole screen. Fabulous!

Developer reply to user's feedback and new update already fix lockscreen issue real quick, I like it, keep it up. This become my favorite music app by now. Brilliant

Thats pretty great feature in a music app.. I loved the rain background and song categorisation like workout, sleep, etc thanks guys Works great

I would love it if it had online library. Otherwise it is indeed a good app.well done... Well done!!

Best music player on app store, I only have one problem, when music is playing n I open my message app or my whatsapp the music stops by itself Worth it!

Great app but needs a button to add music to playlist at one time by selection and should support Bluetooth better Perfect!

Good free audio player with over all outstanding performance, thanks so much guys...really love it !!! Amazing!

Well I really like this app. But I've got one problem​. The app cannot find the lyrics for any of the songs that are on my phone. Yes, I can add new lyrics but for that I have to search, copy and paste the lyrics of a song. It'd be great if the app could automatically search the lyrics for me. Thanks in advance. Awesome

This is a good music app overall, but when I try to close it using tabs, it starts up again and again. If it is some kind of bug please fix it, as it is not always in mind to open the app and press the exit button. Thank you. Cool

I do like this stuff for listening music. Great App for music lover because lyrics are involved for offline Perfect!

Nice design but there are some bugs.. Like sometimes the music doesn't play even after resuming it. Muito bom!

Great app, well detailed tabs and structure to play songs without searching for long, Recommend

it crashes sometimes and there are also times that the music stops playing, also i disabled the lockscreen for it but its still there. Awesome

I'm changing my ratings to 5 star.However, I have a request. Do add the feature to view lyrics that we have added beforehand through tag editors. Keep up the good work. Perfect

This app is really good it has a lot of amazing features and its the best one that i have tried Great!

Please bring back the old lockscreen,because the new one caused a problem to my phone. Perfect

So far without using all the features it's a really nice looking player...soooo far haunt seen any ads on free version, if they start popping up all crazy I'll edit this...however nice job guys , very up to date for today's technology...******6.5.17*****UPDATE*****.......the music player will randomly just play songs and doesn't let me bypass the lock screen every time. I have disabled the lock screen option but it's still there....Also I have it synced in with my car and home audio but it will not let me use my receiver or car stereo to skip songs so while driving I manually have to open the phone and then open the app and then skip. please fix , still love the design and app in General but I habe only been using it at home due to that reason. I had to revert back to my original player while driving due to safety. I spend most of the time in my car. 1. please fix the app to stop randomly opening and playing music on its own...2 fix the lock screen bypass. 3 please have the app sync with the Bluetooth to display the songs in my phone through the app so I don't have to manually skip the songs while driving.****just because the design I still like it but do not use it as much die to the issues. once these are fixed I'd give it a solid 5. if I could change it is give it a 3 due to the current issues....***using S8 verizon. keep up the good work guys! Recommend

I have a problem with the lockscreen. It says I need to swipe to unlock. I have disabled the option for lockscreen activity but it still shows up. Please fix this. Perfect

One of the best thing about this app is its smooth interface. The playlists designated for different uses are pretty cool. It'll be even better if 1) a 'previous' control button is added in the notification bar, 2) a bubble is added to indicate the alphabets while scrolling through songs, 3) picking cover arts for individual songs are allowed instead of just whole albums. Lastly, one problem I have with this app is that sometimes music stops playing suddenly, despite the app still running in the notification bar. I hope you can fix this. Thanks in advance! Good

This is litrerally the best music app i've ever tried ...looks sexy... Great font...very unique Worth a go!

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