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I really want to love this app and I did originally but after using it for about a week there are some annoying issues. I still love using the app it's probably the best free music player with no ads. That being said here are some of my issues. 1)The notification panel has no option to go back to a previous song only forward. 2) Shuffle works both forward and backward which is annoying if I accidentally skip a song. 3) Music seems to both pause & play randomly! I was sleep when my phone just start blasting my music. 4) The side panels can be finicky, sometimes not opening up or closing all the way when I swipe left or right. 5) I don't really like the songs fading out as much as I like it to fade in but that's a minor gripe I don't care too much. 6) Rain option is awesome but is way too loud and not doesn't sound organic and there's no option to customize it. 7) Can't select multiple songs to add in a playlist. I have over 500 songs on my phone I'd rather not select them one by one. 8) selecting a song from the notifications panel won't take me to the song in app but just opens the app. I'll wait for future updates I really like the design and overall functionality of Abbey. Great job

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