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The best vrplayer in play store.I have used many other vr players but they have only limited manual control.This app provide far better vr experience and controls. Enjoy it!

Best app i ever hd resolution to. But one thing not right...please update a video tracker bar. For instant fast forward or rewind. I up the rating if you update video tracker bar. Cool

This app is fantastic at playing 3d movies, it doesn't distort the picture like other apps do. A must for anyone who has a vr headset. If I could just suggest there be a bar added to allow you to move to any point in the movie instead of just a jump button would make this app better than fantastic. Thank you developers Worth a go!

The theatre is very dull. You can look into cinemavr app. Their theatre ui is really awesome (the app not so). This is surely one of the best vr video players out there. But sometimes it doesn't recognize embedded srt(subtitles) files. Works great

Needs to have options for head centering , forward rewind and volume for 360 deg videos too Amazing!

Would be the perfect player. Tons of customization. Actually stays still available can increase screen size. Loaded up a regular .avi movie..... Video won't play. Bummer.. Highly Recommend.

Hey guys, I'll give you 5 stars. However there needs to be a fast forward option. I see you have the next scene type function. But a tracking or jogging bottom would be nice, where I can fast forward 2x, 4x, 8x etc etc Works great

I've tried about six apps to play videos with my brother headset and this is by far the best. My phone has crazy drift problems. On YouTube a video will drift 90 degrees in about 7 minutes. This app provides multiple ways to deal with that problem. I've found that using the Bluetooth controller and mouse option works best. Sure it's a little less immersive but no other app solves the problem for me. It also allows you to adjust the screen size which is good for those of us with bigger phones. The only reason i can't give it a 5 is the lack of a playlist feature for watching shorter videos. I don't have a Bluetooth controller yet but if I can navigate the app and load other videos I'll bump it up to a 5. Great App Recommend

The best one for Galaxy A5 2015 but it would be perfect if you can add fast forward fast backward feature. Superb!

Good vr player with the best, that I've been able to find, headset controls for video playback. Great!

It's a good basic VR app, possibly the best, but it's basic. It lacks overall app settings and options while viewing. Perfect

Gr8 app to watch ur videos which u have saved on ur device heaps of option 2 like 180degrees, sbs,ou,360 degrees etc etc Great!

It's a good app but have some issues. Whenever I set my view, I need to keep resetting it as it slightly moves to the right side while playing a VR video. And also I can't even reset my view in 360 VR view. Please fix this. Perfect!

A legendary app. It takes some getting used; and by that I'm referring to messing with the controls and features made available. I'm watch movies and anime in VR! It's practically 3D! I was shock when I got it working, and I've never looked back since. P.s. I recommend downloading movies you want to watch. Viewing them online is a task I don't want to handle. Great app. My phone doesn't even a gyroscope sensor (or any anything else for that matter), it can only rotate. And that's it. This app manages to give my a strong view of the VR experience! 9/10 could bang again, lol. See what I did there? *Inserts Lenny face* Perfect

One of the best apps I've tried. Would be perfect with search bar and moving those bottom buttons to the side (in the way of video). Flawless

What it needs is to fast forward with an on screen slider or something instead of jumping forward or rewind several minutes​ by looking at this icon on the screen. This version is not google cardboard 2.0 ready. Flawless

Can't find controls (like recenter, skip forward etc) in 360 mode. Am I doing something wrong?? Omg

did used to like this app but current version only shows left side when distortion correction is on. also seem to drift more than previous versions, and still only auto select sbs - ou still require manual selection. guess i can’t complain since i’m not using the official vr gear on my s7. cardboard will always be an experiment. Muito bom!

How can i use a vr game pad or vr remote control to play forward or rewind while playing on this app? Superb!

This is exactly what i was looking for. But there are some things which must be fixed to make it the best VR cinema app. 1. I can't go forward or backward to a short amount of time while watching movie. If i want to go back, i have to go back to probably 10 minutes back. (Depends on the length of the video). There should be option to select whether we want to go back to a few seconds or few minutes or more. 2. There's a lot of movement in the screen we see due to little movements of head that we can't control. That's irritating for eyes and brain. I believe if would be great if you could give an option to block the affect of tiny movements on the image. Worth it!

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