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Good but could have extra content Great app for fans and fills in all the info not on the book maps. Could have map of Braavos and more background info?

Lame! I was super excited for the winds of winter preview chapter and since the update it crashes every time I open it. Weak... It rhymes with reek Edit: nevermind they fixed it and that chapter was awesome!

Perfect Encyclopedia This is really the best encyclopedia fans could hope for. Even if you are still reading the books you can turn off certain books so it doesn't spoil any you haven't gotten to yet. Total cost is $5 I believe, but if you are still reading you can just pay per book as you go along. It even has a journey tracker so you can see where characters are per chapter. Very neat, it helps a lot in keeping track of some of those background characters

Best!!! It's the best and most informative app about this series that money can buy. If you're a true fan its worth every penny. It's also pretty fun to pull up the maps while reading to paint an even better picture. Awesome job. I wish there was a "season pass" type of deal tho where I could make one lump payment and get everything new and updates free.

Great Resource & stores on SD! Latest update made it seem to be a lot of memory even with app using the external SD from the internal. I uninstalled, reinstalled and it was much smaller, with my auto restored purchased content. The info provided has good detail and is worth the money. Now I still wait for the next book. Glad Dunk & Egg are in one book now.

What happen to the images? This is the 2nd update (11/23/15) since the original version. This update and the last still doesn't have the ability to see full sized images of the character/places/etc. Why was this removed from the first version to begin with? Ironic that in your preview pictures you falsely show the original version that did have the larger images. One of the main reasons I purchased this app was for the artwork. I'll give 5 stars again when this feature is restored.

Great info, Unstable app. Love the idea of the app, the information, the map layout, really helps if you find yourself becoming lost in the story. However... the app is unstable, force quits, choppy loading when scrolling the map, 5 stars would need many bug fixes imo. Otherwise, when it works 50/50 its ok.

Great app, with one minor flaw I love this app. As a new reader of the book series (I'm on book 3) this is a great companion piece. I'm always referring to its maps and places/people descriptions. You have to buy the content, which isn't too bad, in the end (I think for all the packs its 4 or 5 dollars). The only real problem is that the app is pretty glitchy. Expect it to shut down from time to time. It's not too big a deal though, because it boots back up fairly quickly.

Seems pretty cool One thing that bugs me is it says it has cool artwork of the characters and whatnot, but when you view a character profile it doesn't show their picture. What were you thinking?

Great app for GoT fans Here's everything you want to know about the characters backgrounds, maps, etc. And now, with several chapters from the next book.

Handy, but no wiki. This app is a useful little tool to quickly confirm the basics of most parts of the SoIaF world, much like flipping to the map or appendix would be with a book in hand, but offers little else. The wiki is superior in most all regards except ease of use, as a consequence of its density of information. In retrospect, I wouldn't have bought the infopacks--even with them, the app is a pale reflection of the wiki.

5/5, awesome companion! George R.R. Martin is a genius. This app is the perfect companion to his books and Television series! I would love to see more content, but what is on it now is worth $4.99 upgrade! There are a few bugs here and there, but overall it runs smoothly. The maps it includes are nice, because they have links to the pages on individual locations and are detailed beautifully. Overall 6/5! Edit: Some stability issues whilst using the maps

Love the info I really enjoyed going through the app and the different ways to look through it all. Love the newest exerps being in one place! Didn't give it a 5 only because I find links that don't go anywhere or don't go where they should fairly often. I pull this out over and over again mostly for the maps. Wish more of the little castles were listed on the maps though... maybe they could only pop up if you zoom in close, so the map isn't so covered by swords you can't view the map. The new journeys section does help with that a lot though. Overall I enjoy it very much. Perfect

Almost there... Packed full info, maps need a little work. I would like to see a fan theory section, or even an open message board, but overall, very enjoyable. Well done!!

Room for Improvement This app must needs attending to that it not crash as frequently as Arya bites her lip or as often as Jon Snow (and the reader) is told he knows nothing. A good supplement to the books when the hardcover "World of Ice and Fire" is not close to hand, and a lot of potential for future additions. And the "info packs" are a reasonably fair value if bought all at once. 4/5, hope to see improvement to both the function and the content of the app. Muito bom!

Wish I had found this for book one! UI leaves a little to be desired, but otherwise I have found this app to be quite helpful as I read the series. Brilliant

Fabulous Could use separate story notes for TV vs. Books...several deviations. As for notification issues...its user error or device not app problem. Go to device settings and shut off notifications under offending app... Perfect!

Frankly a little disappointing The app itself is good, I like the aesthetic and the mechanics of the app, it's navigation is well planned and thorough, but the fact that you have to pay for any information that may be found in any of the actual books is disappointing, for examples, on the 'houses' tab, there is n I content and on the 'people' tab, there is only the starks and danaerys targeryan, I brought the world of ice and fire book, and wanted a comprehensive app to accompany it, and this just doesn't do the job, the game of thrones wikia is frankly better. Marvelous

Good app. Good description of characters but I hate that you have to pay to release certain content. Already paid for the books once. Don't want to pay again. 5 star

Great app for GoT fans Hundreds of desriptions, maps, and other deep information thats hard to come by in the game of thrones universe. Must have

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