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It made my tablet crash Wth do u do with the keys I finished all levels still don't get how I use the keys n also when I finished all levels my tablet crashed n now I can't charge my tablet plz fix this or I will report and I am serious

I LOVED IT Guess what I finished his game and it was really hard but I finished it so good .And I liked the dragon the most.

Love it The game is nice, since I completed the stages in normal mode. But, in mission mode its very hard! Still, I need strategy to complete it.

the tombstone thinhy... about that, it says it requires an open connection, i clicked those while connected, still, it says the same crap...err... message. i could make the ★s 5 if u fix this

Niceeeee!!!!!!! I am so addicted with dis game!when you play this game you will not gonna stop playing it.

Cool but... Mission Mode is getting too hard too fast in World 3 Second Stage always destroys me immediately and there is no button for minigames and I cant replay the levels unless I finish Mission Mode please update so I will give 5-Stars and maybe try working on the graphics but it is ok.Thanks.

Great fun. Medicore graphics Interesting game. Simple concept. Really addictive. 4 stars cause graphics is really... Well... poor. Very good game though.

Not bad...force close Played fine on airplane mode...for awhile, now force close even when internet is on! Fix it lg esteem

Great game! Needs to have special abilities spaces out more and correct grammar. Otherwise 5 stars. Recommend to install 9Heros Defence APK.

love it i love this game it' a combination of trill and excitement. thanks for this game

Stars not accurate This looks like a copy of cartoon wars and catwar and plants vs zombies. This is sooooo like the games i stated btu this is what makes it good i guess..... They need to let us play levels again. This copy is no bad no good but not good

Best game ever !!! For me, this is the best game in android :) Waiting for the next update. More stages pls ? :) Thank you for this game <3

#adventure-games Nice game thanks! Wow a cool and amazing game but its difficult in case of life potion plz reduce the difficulty

Best game ever !!!!!! A nice game too play dont hesitate and click download go to setting in ur phone then click applications then put the preffered install location to removable sd card ok!! Playnow!!!!

#hidden-object-games ...! Its a good game but the memory is a bit much for a game like this. And for all those users who keep arguing with game creators because it says "insufficiant storage" it includes your ram and other stuff aswell.

Would be 5* but.....! The file is a rather large file and there isn't app2sd support I don't want to uninstall please fix soon. Recommend to download 9Heros Defence APK.

Fun enough But I don't see anything about being able to replay maps on higher difficulty once they are complete despite the game not shutting up about it.

#puzzles-and-logic-games Beutifull Character Design. A Good Tower Defence Game !! For a free game, this (unlike most freemium games) does not require you to spend a lot of real cash to get anywhere. This game is very well balanced and has got me hooked. The artwork and design of the characters is very well done and the developer has clearly spent a lot of effort in this game. This is a really nice tower defence game and one of the very few free games worth keeping !

cartoon wars mach1000! cartoon wars is my fav game in the android this game is like the modified version with amazing graphics!! download this game and blame me if you hate it but thank me when you love it!

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