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Creepy. If you like watching people put on makeup then go ahead, weirdos. Also my comment will guarantee a racist response from the developer, just wait for it lol. Pretty good

Not in English but that doesn't stop me from finding my way around using the pictures. It's just a Chinese cam model app. love it

Bring me the girl virgin or boshea bigs boobs and beautiful one for me?!are lovely I am.. Flawless

I love this apps even if i don't speak Chinese but can u guys plz make English one i give u 5☆☆☆☆☆ Awesome

Weird. My YouTube showed me an advertisement for this. What's this about? Why is it for Chinese speakers only? Branch out and welcome people into the culture and language. I learned some Japanese from reading subtitles... Marvelous

Amazing app. All in Chinese. What it is about we shall never know. 10/10 would deinstall again. Before you ask: Wordfeud app had this ad. Worth a go!

Very strange not sure if you knew this but the app is showing up youtube under English speaking you tubers maybe that's what the confusion is about I'm sure it's a nice app Fantastic

DONCHEN LIMITED 跟新后为什么我玩看不到主播?也没有声音...礼物又超贵 Pretty good

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