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Loving this app so far! The nutrition plans and workout videos are comprehensive and easy to follow, the support team is quick to reply and best of all the recipes are delicious! Great!

Great way to work out at home. Quick. Love that you can customize to your fitness level and the reminders to work out at nice...and motivating ! Recommend

I absolutely LOVE this app! Been using it for almost 2 months now and have lost about 7 lbs already. There is one thing though that may be a glitch and is costing one star - the meal planner seems to be suddenly changing the meals even if I've already checked them off. Hope 8fit catches this! Otherwise, app would be 5 stars for me! 5 star

The app is so easy to use. I like that it gives me my grocery list plus recipes. Plus the workouts are great especially with the built in music playlists Just wow

Awesome app. Motivating without being too pushy with notifications. Set up your own workout reminders and customize workouts to your current ability. Good

Just did my first workout and WOW! It was short, doable and had clips to show me exactly how to do each exercise. I even scheduled a second one for today. The meal planning is perfect and I love that I get a shopping list with the needed amounts of each item. Each area is super easy to use and adjust to best suit your needs. Must have

Meal plans are delicious and plenty to choose from depending on your lifestyle (vegan, vegetarian, paleo, pescetarian, etc). It even makes a grocery list for you based on meals for the week. Various music genre choices for workouts included. Busy mom approves. love it

I just did brake the ice. Im a truck driver trying to stay healthy the most possible. Thank u for this beautiful app. Very cool, lets keep in good health. Works perfectly

Perfect about of time and still got a work out in. Ability to go at your own pace. Great for busy moms! Fabulous!

Love it. Was totally motivated by the short workouts. Yearly fee is totally affordable for meal plans, etc. Worth it!

I'm only using this program for the workout routines. But the workout routines are fabulous. They're easy to follow along and pretty quick to do but also very effective Amazing!

So far so good. I love the exercises and the meal plans, looking forward to keep using it Fabulous!

I have been using this app for a month now and it is perfect. The moves are awesome. Before starting with this app, I did dancing but suddenly stop because of school work load. I'm so grateful to this app. I don't have the pro with meal so I just do my own meal. I'm not a mom I'm a college student who just changed her life through this app. Recommend

Just did the 9min workout and even my kids joined in it's easy to use and exciting to do. A couple of minutes a day with the right foods can't complain and I'm excited to see my progress over time. Perfect

Its a great motivation to have this app! As a mom of 2 I can do this work out at home! And not stress for a sitter to go to the gym! So far so good! love it

I did my first workout. It gives you instructions and a small video clip to see how to do the exercise. It builds a customized plan for you based on your goal 5 star

Does the meal plan grocery list give option to add more servings if I am cooking for more than 1? wow lol

What a great app I started using it 3 months ago, I don't follow all the recipes but some are great. The work outs are perfect and I can fit them into a busy life with a long commute and a lot of travelling. Ultimately though the proof is in the pudding, so they say, I feel stronger, happier and I have lost 20 lb so far. Great app well worth the money for the pro version! Thank you. Great job

I love this app, it has helped me lose weight before high school which was my goal, I'm a volleyball and sand volleyball player and I was so exited when I went into the activity log and sand volleyball was on top and regular volleyball was two down, usually volleyball isn't in things like this so I felt like volleyball players like myself were included were in some were not even mentioned Well done!!

Motivated, set up intuitive and first workout feel the intensity but doable display and timer makes it fun Perfect!

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