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Hmm This game is getting worse I just cant win more than two games mun I used yo win upto ten in s row but now its as if my balls just dont want to win but the opposite side will just slam them and in they go starting to think its fixed just cos I haven't spenduch mpney

You all have to play it!! If you're looking for a good pool game you've got to the right place heck yeah the best game ever... you won't regret!! Try it you'll be glad you played it... must play it. It change a sad face to a playful face, a bored face for a happier one

Pool I love this game, play it everyday, I can't get enough of it. Never gets boring, cause there's so many people who play that are stupid good.

More than 6000 matches played M playing it since two years ....addicted to it ...never gonna stop these playing amazing game ..more den 5 stats to these....n I tink dey need to server more upgraded so we can able to play is without any server error otherwise its awesome appp........ : )

Great game until last update Until the last update, this had been one of the best games I've played on my phone. Since the update, though, the games will hang and freeze, or just boot you in the middle of a game. Clearing cache and other tricks did not help the crashing. If -and only if -they fix this bug, this could be one of top games out there.

A great pastime game! Really enjoyable and realistic game play unlike other pool games. Could do with more cues to choose from and give details on each one as currently I do not understand why some cues cost more than others. But I'm sure this will come with the games development. Thank you!

Great game Best game on the market. Easy to play, can play against friends too! And who doesn't love pool?!

Samsung S2 ♡ I liked 8balls games good software good game one guy problem this game? Guest to much headek ♡

Great fun Enjoy playing this game. Never had an issue. It really grabs me. I play it everyday. Good clean fun.

Toally Epic game! Totally Epic game! Play it every day! I've already Recommened it to at least 10 people! Please can you Allow us to Trade Coins for Cash and Cash for Coins, Perhaps 500 Coins for 1 Cash maybe! I have seen the New Hi-Lo Mini Game on it, it seems Pretty Cool, But I don't Want to have to Pay 2 Cash Notes to Play it, SOLUTION - JUST LIKE STRACHERS, U CAN WIN A "Hi-Lo Pass" IN THE DAILY SPIN!!! This will Allow people When they Win the Pass, to have a Free go at the Hi-Lo Mini Game Ocasonally!!!

Good lil pool game for online multi player.

8 ball pool is the best game for android.

very nice game I play with pepole with different countries.

Great physics and simulation indeed.

It's so much more fun playing against real people instead of a computer.

good fun game except that the orientation is not intuitive.

Have problems sometimes trying to connect with friends using my phone

Eh! It's an okay game just sucks when the game automatically kicks the ball in the pocket for others but not you. Some games are fixed when you play a guest. It's like you're playing against a bot.. Recommend to install 8 Ball Pool APK.

Needs Fixed! Would gladly give game 5stars if it stopped rippin me off by reloading at the start of a game!! Getting real old!!. Recommend to install 8 Ball Pool APK.

#rpg-game cool game! I'm playing online is not that different so I'm going to download Gin had a glitch in my phone but I do it again cuz I like the game

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