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RULE CHANGE NEEDED!! im covering pocket, opponent on black puts my ball and black down same hole my ball first and they still win??

mediocre excuse for a pool game some of the shots people make in this game are so unrealistic its untrue, and winning twice to win all in?? why make it all in if its not all or nothing on one game

Cool game It's fun to try to get money and play pool on a free game so you don't have to go out somewhere around your home so it's a good game to play

Big money I wish there was a way you could actually win the high money on the spin the wheels. I had missing pool coins. It would be better if we could actually type out the message to the opponent too. It'd also be cool if the different cues had different qualities, not just different prices.

Fabulous game. Not I even all the ppl I have in my circle they love to play this game. Just deficiency is that chat shuld be live thru game. Than its will be the world best game

Really bad for professional players Unbelievable shots and so many lags and "black" backgrounds during the game.. That's enough for who wants to be very angry when you supposed to be happy playing that..

Music and time also fix some bugs Some Pandora while playing would make this 5 stars. Maybe put more time when its your turn? I think its too less for several reasons. Last but not least it force closed me every now and then when scanning my SD card

Great Pool I enjoy this multiplayer game.I have been playing for a long time and have never had any problems,and there are. So many different challenges.

Good game. This is a good game, I'm rating it a 4 star because I believe there's always room for improvement. I won't be blaming the game for poor network connections that keep timing out n costing me games.

Great Game but... I bought spins and both on wifi and 3G I lost my spins because of "connection" all 5 times on seperate occasions and my signal was full. Sucks cos I lost all my spins and I think I should be refunded if it doesn't complete the transaction after all wasn't my connection that sucked it's a flaw in your game.

Good game 1 problem This game is pure genius only one thing when you get the free spin daily its always the same prize 125 coins 250 coins 450 rarely the 50000 coin prize or the larger prizes I feel like this is rigged and that's not very fair fix this to be more probable of getting larger prizes and then you have a 5 star game! Considering I have had this game for at least 6 months and have only won 2 large prizes should tell you a lot. Kinda ruins everything

Great game I wish we could have the option of playing 9 ball and the option to listen to like Pandora while playing and I wish we didn't have to pay for the chat we should have open chat to make it more social game

Awesomeistic This game is the shiznizzle I used to just sit around watch porn and play with myself all day now I play some 8 ball pool then play pocket pool totally recommend it

Like it But dont like the fact that sometimes it kicks me of even wen I have signal. I would also like for it to carry 9 ball games.

Love I love the competition and the different amounts you can bet in on. It keeps me busy when I'm bored or feel like I need to compete. I just wish it would stop pausing sometimes in the middle of a shot going on.

Brilliant pool game This game is a brilliant game, really addictive. I would give 5 star if the game screen would rotate when I turn my phone as half of my screen is broken, so I can no longer play :((

8 ball pool miniclip It would be nice if the timer in between shots was a bit longer. Also when you make a ball on the break it should be that type of ball you shoot next, not an open table. I practically grew up in a pool hall and never heard of the way these game rules are set up. They made up some rules I am not use to. Some flaws in this game but it is fun, needs some work on the real rules of the game. Oh, and if you scratch trying to make the 8 ball and don't make it, you lose, it's not ball in hand so the next person is allowed to shoot giving the person that scratched possibly another chance. That's the way eight ball rules are you scratch on the 8 ball, YOU LOSE, PERIOD!!!

Mazzy Maz I've been playing pool on & off for about 30 years from my childhood. Been bed bound for about a year or 2 now being unable to walk or breath properly. Since I discovered 8 Ball Pool I'm a happy pool player again. You need the same skills as the real game to play it. Being able to challenge old friends, it really brings us closer again even thou they live in Europe, The USA or Asia. A couple of bugs do make it unfair sometimes & one sided. But on the whole thumbs up.

Droid x2 The server is forever connecting! I make a shot pot the ball server drops then connects and the balls or balls i dropped are back on the table. I really like this game but if you don't fix the issues i am going to uninstall it! Thanks for fixing the error! I am having fun with it now. Again thank you.

Great virtual game Nothing like the real thing but it has thevlook there of. It's fun and addictive. A must for all pool lovers and newbies tovthe game

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