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Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Was a great fun game...but new features/rules absolutely suck. Now I gotta spend coins or cash to RECHARGE THE FEATURES ON MY CUE?...Also, if I play the same person again I don't get cedited for coins earned to be the winner of the week should I earn more than the other players I play against?? You dropped the ball...totally sucks. I'm gonna uninstall...not worth it.. Recommend to install 8 Ball Pool APK

Disappointed I'm glad I didn't rate this app before the update, it was great and addictive before this last update. I'm so disappointed I hardly want to play it anymore. The one thing I'm glad got included in the upgrade is the ability to see the name of the cue the opponent is using. Other from that, please give me back 8 ball pool before the last update.. Recommend to install 8 Ball Pool APK

No.1 My first game I had when I got my first android phone, it's really enjoyble!! everytime I have a spare time I used to spend my time for playing, I have learned so many tricks on this game, unfortunately when I applied my tricks on real billiard game, im very dissapointed, its quite different from handheld billiard game

Its aright It wld b OK if it didn't cut owt all time on big money games, n wen u go bk on uv ran owt o time

Dont like the new update The games good bt the new update is dumb u have to recharge your cue after few games dont understand the meaning of it

Canvas 2.2 3.0.0...what a nice update..miniclip.....the newest cues are all awesme...thanks of oll a good...update

GIVE ME MY MONEY!!! I lost all my 50000 coins because when I enter a match the game quit and i lost the money. Please return my money back

Pool-you're gonna love it! All change at Miniclip Pool with the last update, unfortunately it's made the game more in favour of the people with the best cues, more dosh more wins better cues?

Good Game I like it. It's addictive and it is the closest you are gonna get to the real thing unlike other pool apps. There are some bugs that need to be fixed, such as the free spins they cheat you. I spun and got 1 chip lol. The game kicks you off sometimes but other than that its really good. It's a must have for when you need the time to pass fast.

Big Block Glock I enjoy this game very much. Some lag mostly due to connection. But over all a very dependable application.

8 ball pool I love the game it is superb .....kills... my boredom &enlivens me nothing else I thank &praise the people who created this game on net. Another is miniclip is in my small little words.....out of the world....a million& zillion thanks.

Outstanding game How they have made it so interesting thats worth appreciation... em addidicted to it... just one thing if i could change is that there should be free chat ...not just the chat packs... thanks

Big Block Glock I enjoy this game very much. Some lag mostly due to connection. But over all a very dependable application.. Recommend to get 8 Ball Pool APK

Big Block Glock I enjoy this game very much. Some lag mostly due to connection. But over all a very dependable application.. Recommend to install 8 Ball Pool APK

Big moe It a cool game,just wished when the connection go in and out for the few seconds it should give the person who's shot it is back there turn I've lost two games that way.

Umm where are my coins?? So I just decided to spend about $4 to get 3k+ coins. Transaction goes through, even checked my bank account, money came out, but guess what! , NO COINS! Explain, miniclip.

Challenge issues..... How come I can't send my friends challenges? It just keeps saying updating when I go to play with friends!

Good game but..... This game was great....had built up over £250k was at level 28 (I didn't play 24/7) however it has just wiped all my data....I no longer have my coins, and I'm starting at level 1 again! I cannot be bothered building it up again so will probs uninstall.

Not sure why Maybe it's my phone, maybe it's the app but sometimes the game loads and the table has extra pieces and the lined up shot goes off to the side

Highly addictive Very entertaining...highly recommended. ..only downside no lower perspective (point of view) and should have better chat integration

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