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Awesome! Just wish there was a way to contact someone to let them know when my coins get taken without loading a game. I've lost over 200,000 coins now in non loaded games! Works perfectly

Games great, dont get wound up now ive turned the chat off. Like the boxes, unlocking ques. Sometimes gliches happen, twice ive watched a clip and not got my cash $, just 15 coins, than the cash $ timer resets back to 24 hr countdown. Disappointing. Surprisingly

A top asking me to rate. Everybody at my job plays this daily. We place live $ bets. I'm addicted Omg

Glitches, and sometimes it seems a program is running. On more than one occasion, I've noticed a completely different outcome of shots when the game stutters as if there's a program running. I've also seen the layout of the balls change in a flash after certain shots where a ball will was potted and appeared back on the table again rolling away from the pocket. Other than that it's a fun game. Flawless

I keep getting pop-ups saying that I should inform my friends to update 8 Ball as they have an older version. Why dont you guys inform them directly instead of me doing so. Highly Recommend.

Graphics and game play are overall good. Only complaint is physics of play. At times there appears to be a magnet pulling the cue ball to the hole and effect of spin is sometimes inconsistent between shots. Worth it!

Everything is super, gameplay, physics,logic everything is very good but I am not getting 1 free cash in every 24 hours which everyone gets. Rated 5 star though. And miniclip should banned those game Guardian users. love it

Game is good. But Spin is fake. You only get 100 & 150 coins in spin. Its been a month am playing and still have never even once gotten anything on spin apart from 100 & 150 coins. Otherwise game is good. But only 3 stars for fooling us with fake spin Surprisingly

Sometimes it gets difficult to connect. It sometimes tells my friends that I am playing an old version of the game even though I re-installed a while back. The game is really interesting, however, only this bothers me a little. Cool

I've been playing for over a year now and I'm still totally addicted! I love being able to play with so many people from around the world as well as friends. The rewards are worth it too. Not bad

I couldn't update for last few days it wouldn't give me the option until this morning. Now that I have updated it is freezing all the time and losing out on my turns. I love this game but if I have to keep dealing with it I'll just delete it and find another game to play! Amazing!

Excellent gameplay. No complaints there. However, I waited over 2 months to receive my pool cash after completing a Tapjoy offer. Not Tapjoy's fault. Reward system is glitchy. Daily pool cash keeps giving coins instead of the cash. Just wow

Love it I play this game daily I like to play with the smallest level and i also like to play with the biggest level because smallest is full in power and bigger is playing with free power he say if I win i got coins If I lost I also got coins but smallest is to dangerous. Don't understand restemate the power of smallest level! Enjoy it!

Many times opponent doesnt respond suddenly game resmes. There should be a resumption sound to seek attention of player waiting for opponents response. I lost many games due to this Omg

It continues to kick you off line for the 23rd time and ends the game... Controls are all over the place... Matching players has gotten MUCH BETTER . It is a fun GAME ! PLEASE FIX OR RESPOND AT LEAST . Marvelous

It is a great game but I have coins that go missing. At one point I had over 21,000 coins and they all went away.... this aggravates me Well done!!

They don't give many coins to play with but u can BUY some!!!... Offer them if u watch commercials then it updates and u don't get them also wheel lands on big coin then it MOVES to lower amount... Go well

It's a awesome game... But I think it cheats, for real! Had a time ran out on me just as the object ball was about to pocket and the opponent ran the impossible table without any english. I'm a 25 he was a 11 ??? Fabulous!

This has quickly become my favorite game and the ONLY game I play now. If you don't play 8ball (or 9ball now) then your life must suck balls!! wow lol

Was 5 stars until update, now I can't challenge or receive any challenges from other members. Keeps saying that they have to update which they did and still nothing. Fantastic

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