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I would love this app but I can't use my rewards in Abilene Tx soo I give 3 star's. Recommend

I like it I just wished the points overlap because I had 1677 points and when I bought something I got 1409 points but since they didn't overlap they just gave me 1409 points Perfect!

Won't run on my Samsung galaxy mega any more. Used to but suddenly stopped after an update. love it

A must have app, I gotta have my coffee every morning and with this app I get discounts and free stuff thanks Amazing!


Great app. Easy to use. Scan ur card using the camera on the app. It'll upload ur points in the app. Don't try to give false info when registering. It knows if u give the wrong bday or last name. I chose a free med slurpy as my free gift. Really cool app. Big bro knows all!!! Lol Fantastic

Jeff, Kyle, Ken and Asia are all about the customer service. The team at the Blasdell location does it RIGHT! Worth it!

I'm getting ads for snuff even though I only have "cigars" checked for the deals Recommend

Somehow I ended up with 2 accounts (one through an email address, one through FB) and had my 7-Rewards # added to my email address account. I would like to delete my 7-Rewards #, as well as the account it's in. But, the app gives me no option to do either of these things!! Fix this and you'll get 5 stars! UPDATE: Whenever I click on the deals tab, I immediately get brought to the store locator feature. I have to press back a bunch of times before I can see the deals. Fix this! Omg

Developer listens to comments! This is an excellent app, simple to use and I live it! Pretty good

Enjoy it!

Great app with good rewards. Sometimes doesn't give points. App shows no 7th free cup, even though I have earned it. I never redeemed it. Not sure if location or app is wrong. Recommend

Thank you for giving us this app. Now days corporations are just takeing more for less proucts on everything. You guys are giving us a brake on the price of things now days that is almost unheard of. Thank you again! Perfect

The app is great except it has started to not open and is causing error after error. Very disappointed in the end after having so much fun with it in the beginning. Pretty good

Great app. No problems so far and the staff at the local store has always been courteous and helpful Great!

I redeem some points for a big gulp and it didn't give me a free gulp nut took my points...dam shame Highly Recommend.

love it

Rewards for all purchases...Excellant App Developer reached a n achievement for mobile apps! Marvelous

Good app until most recent update. Now every time I click on the deals icon on startup it starts a gps store locator and I have to back up a bunch of times before I finally get to see the deals. Extremely annoying. Great job

I go into 7/11 alot and noticed the advertisement board they have of items you can earn threw points and half the stuff on there is not on my 7/11 app please fix and add new items to get Must have

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