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GREAT app unfortunately they started charging to sell items and now they no longer allow the items to boost ... how quickly something can change a ONCE GREAT APP TO REDUCE IT TO WHOEVER HAS MONEY TO SPEND GETS TO ENJOY THE APP Great job

Sometimes I put things in and ut doesn't give me what I'm looking for and I have to look through 100 of items ,no good Well done!!

I like this better than offer up. I feel like it's easier to filter out bad sellers Great!

Useful app. Works well. Has more of a social connection than other selling apps but can't press enter to skip a line when entering description unless you use spacebar or copy and paste after typing in from a different app. Selecting pictures is fastest and easiest. Also, you can post 6 pictures and add video rather than the avg 5 pics. Amazing!

I bought a car through this app and I am very happy with how easy and fast everything went. Thanks for helping make a secure application. Marvelous

It helps out a lot of things u trying to get but some people price is outrageous Works great

Such a great app to buy and sell stuff. A little addicting. Best part of it for me would be the video add on part to see at a different angle or see how well things works. Love it! Highly Recommend.

The app is great for selling & buying. But, the computer generated questions gets a little too much sometimes or when you're writing something and it doesn't understand. But, it's fun searching for deals and really nice and clean items and set-up. That part is 5 Worth it!

Great app better than the other like apps. I love the boost feature and also being able to send pics in the chat with the potential buyers and sellers. Highly Recommend.

Still, My favorite buy or sell.... selling is so easy,posting photos is.a snap,fastest I have seen, and it is very easy to edit your products. I have had more success with 5miles than any other website, I hope they continue to provide such a great service to the public....Rock on.... Enjoy it!

1st day, found exactly what I'm looking for. For a price I couldn't beat anywhere Cool

Do not use let go, waste of time. This is way better than any other selling app out there!! Just wow

I like the app. It's easy to use. The only issue I have is that when it says 5 miles I expect it to show me things within 5 miles not 50. Perfect!

Good app, lots of good features to sell any and all old stuff you got laying around. Good way to make extra little cash on some of your stuff. Fabulous!

My experiences with this app and the people that have dealt has been very helpful and enjoyable. Works great

Much better then let go or offer up. About a thousand more better features here. Being able to boost your item as a seller really helps especially when it's free. The ad when you first load is kind of annoying. However all the other features make it worth it. For a seller this is the best. Cool

I love this app I not only got great stuff for great prices and sold items but also​ made some great people on this app I give it 5 stars Awesome

Great app. Merchandise was as advertised. They make it easy to communicate with the seller r buyer Brilliant

If you ever need some painting done here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area please check me out search Universal painting here on 5 miles check out my ratings & previous work I've done!!. Thanks 5 miles! Fabulous!

AWESOME.... puts offer up and let Go to shame... everything I wanted to change about the other two, is already done. Im EXCITED to find this app & am looking forward to really fleeting into it. First sale was made 15min after I posted the product w/$ in hand less then 1hr after posting! Thankyou!!! Good

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