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It's a good app to keep fit a home and it's affordable on a budget. I'm a kid and use it to keep fit on a daily basis. Since I'm a kid I can't go to a gym. This makes working out easy Awesome

Nice simple app. Good variety of exercises, achievable targets and easy to fit into a busy day. I like that you can save workout stats even on free version. Demo video of real person doing exercise would be easier to follow for novices. Not bad

Great app, new to me but the workouts seem ok at the moment, can handle them, not too hard, keep you posted as i do more Great job

I like the fact that it targets your core and it's only 5 min due to all the other exersized apps I have to do and with my busy schedule Amazing!

Completed day one and it wasnt bad. I'm new to this exercise thing and this app is great for beginners. So far so good. I'll try to post after each day and give you guys my results Highly Recommend.

I love this ap! It is simple to use, takes only 5 minutes and has goos instructions for each exercise. I use it eceryday that i work out. Worth a go!

Nice so far...not sure about this unlocking days business. There's a free 5min ab app that has the exact exercises but doesn't require this...may want to reconsider this. I'll see what day 3 holds. Worth a go!

Great app for the beginner or someone getting active again. I can feel the different in the core Pretty good

Only the first day is available in the free version, the second day can be unlocked by writing a review. To proceed further the premium version is required. Perfect!

I can tell it really is working on my abs right at the beginning. I can't wait to see how I will progress. wow lol

It's everything can use to condition my body. Also like the different types of excises. Fantastic

Easy to understand what I need to be careful to do every movement and two use. I like it quite a lot. love it

Very good for the very little actually free part of the app but their instant aim is user subscription. I would have not bothered if it mentioned that in the first place. Note to developer: an end warning tone at zero would be very useful , not just at ten seconds to go. Brilliant

I just wanted something simple to encourage me to do exercises at home. This is perfect so far! Well done!!

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